What is the Top Deep Web Directory in 2022?

deep web directory

The deep web directory is the page where links of organized content are stored that lands or connects to other websites. The directories are indexed in a proper structure of two parts, i.e., categories and subcategories. Typically, the deep web directory lets the webmasters include their site in the directory after a panel of authorized editors goes through the links to match it with the accepted requirements mentioned in the deep web directory.

What is the deep web directory?

The deep web directory, aka link directories, is a website that curates a list of sites and pages that are useful and interesting. The sites or pages listed there come with a short description of each one next.

These deep web directories have been recently added to the internet. Assessing the demand and interest of the users related to the pages and sites has led to the creation of these directories. These directories are connected to almost all sites, including some thematic ones. That means linked to specific topics.

  1. The deep web directory can be further torn down into more directories that are as follows: Free Directories: In these directories, publishing links are free. But there is a lack of proper structuring in this directory which makes it full of links.
  2. Reciprocal Directory: They are also free, but it needs website creators to do the heavy lifting to include links to their sites or make links that can prove an advantage to both the directory and the site.
  3. Payment Directories: The links on the site is not free. They are paid. The links on these directories are helpful because a smaller number of links means more visits.
  4. Directory by Registration: In this type of directory, they are free, but one needs to register, submit, and wait for the confirmation of the website.
  5. Directories by Bids: A recent addition in the field of directories on the deep web. The directory revolves around the notion of “more you pay, better the result,” in this case, your position. This directory depends on the outcome of the auction to set the position of the directories.

What is the top Deep Web Directory in 2022?

Below, we have curated a list of top deep web directories popular in 2022. However, one disclaimer here is that the sites listed in these deep web directories host content that may be disturbing or controversial.


On OnionDir, onion links of the directory of services ae are regularly updated. Some of the featured onion sites are illegal due to being on the dark web. Thus, it is vital to check the descriptions next to it to make sure you are clicking on a site that is not illegal.

Onion Link List

This directory too updated regularly based on the featured list of onion sites on the dark and the deep web. Onion Link List also contains the links to the sites that host illegal and offensive content.

Onion Crate

Onion Crate is billed as an extensive directory of the deep websites. The descriptions on the link next to it mentioned the site’s overall description.


Easy Onions is one of the new directories on the deep and the dark web. Keywords can be utilized to search for the required domains there.

Onion Directory

Though a newer one, the Onion Directory is one of the small directories on the dark and deep web links; on the other hand, the site has a category that allows you to add links of your wish to the directory.

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is an A-class directory on the deep web. One of the oldest and largest dark and deep web directories, the Hidden Wiki is classified in good, well-organized sections that contain a short description next to it.

Site List

There is an enormous number of sites ranging over 4 thousand on its directory in Site List. These links are updated regularly.


Billed as the alternate to the Hidden Wiki, TorLinks has moderated adequately, unlike The Hidden Wiki.


UnderDaugh requires you to register and log in first before using the site. It is a wide-ranging deep web directory with the option of posting one’s sites.

Deep Web Directory: Darknet Links

Darknet Links is another deep web directory and dark web also where the site allows you to search for extensive links of deep and dark web on the postings of NNTP.


It is a dual directory of both the deep and the dark web that connects to many sites and links them via the directory. Moreover, the users can also add links of their own direct to the directory.

How do deep web directories and links work?

There are many factors in achieving a good, proper structure positioning on the directory. This includes putting links either with content that matches similarity with yours on the website that links with the sites that visitors share, along with the links contained in the reciprocal links. This way, the structuring of the directories is going to improve. There are more hacks to better the positioning of these directories.

The first and foremost thing is Google directories can allow you to place whatever country you want to appear. Besides, it also lets you have multiple alternatives in the way. As far as the registration is concerned, check the directory ownership because they are mostly unknown.

Deep Web Directory – Conclusion

It is crucial always to keep your guard up when visiting the deep web directory and darknet search engines. Get a VPN with a Tor browse to stay protected. And avoid at all cost visiting any site that alludes to or deem illegal because that may land you in troubled waters. In this regard follow these guidelines completely to secure your access to the deep and the dark web.