Genesis Marketplace Review: Guide 2024

Genesis Marketplace Review

Do you want to know about the Genesis marketplace of darknet? It is one of the great marketplaces where criminals can buy account bundles. It is considered to be a good place for carders and people who are looking for bank drops.

However, these bundles have login details for personal accounts. They differ in price from a few dollars for an Amazon, Netflix, or Facebook account to hundreds of dollars for entire digital agencies, including bank account details. But you have to be extra careful and don’t pay for the invite links.

You just have to sign up and pay the invite deposit directly now, and the deposited amount will be added to your account balance, which you can use to make purchases at the store.

Let’s learn more about the Genesis marketplace, its status, and everything we will cover in this review.

What is Genesis Market?

Genesis market is a darknet decentralized digital marketplace that concentrates on buying and selling different assets such as non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, etc. The website works completely on the blockchain, making it an ideal option for investors and collectors concerned with the digital asset world.

However, users can buy account bundles and information. The login detail available on Genesis is yielded with special bots. Buyers of these bots get access to technology that assists them in using account login details whenever they want. It means that this market user can access an account without triggering security measures from the page; your account is activated. Since it can perform the services, Genesis is quite different from other darknet markets.

Key Features

Genesis marketplace contains many features that set it apart from other digital marketplaces. Here are some main features of this marketplace:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: the market is simple to navigate, with an intuitive interface that lets users quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Small Fees: The market charges low transaction fees, making it a reasonable option for investors and collectors.
  • Direct Transactions: Transactions on this site are instant, meaning buyers and vendors can complete deals efficiently.
  • Massive Asset Range: Genesis lets users trade a wide range of digital assets, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, and other digital collectibles.
  • Decentralized: This Marketplace works on the blockchain, which means that dealings are secure and transparent.

The Tech Behind the Genesis Marketplace

The Tech Behind the Genesis Marketplace

Genesis market is formed on a decentralized blockchain platform, which is significantly a distributed digital ledger that records transactions across different computer networks. The blockchain technology used by this market is Ethereum, which is a broadly used blockchain platform that allows the creation of smart contracts & decentralized applications.

If we talk about smart contracts, they are self-executing contracts that automatically impose agreement terms between two parties without the need for intermediaries like banks or lawyers. However, these contracts allow the secure exchange of digital assets between buyers and vendors.

When a person trades an asset on this market, the transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as a digital asset showing ownership. These unique tokens or assets cannot be copied, making them great for representing digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The use of blockchain technology also offers a high level of security for Genesis marketplace users. as the blockchain is decentralized & distributed across many systems, and it is quite difficult for hackers to interfere with the records or steal data. Moreover, smart contracts ensure that transactions are executed & securely without third-parties mediators.

Hence, it is one of the best dark web markets with its low transaction fees. It works on the Ethereum blockchain, making it cost-effective for trading.

How Does the Genesis Market Bot Work?

When buyers purchase identities from the market, they access the bot contaminating a victim’s system. They find all the data present at that moment and any data the bot may get in the future.

This market bot is a trading tool designed to ease digital goods trading on the platform. The bots work by using predefined algorithms to examine market trends and carry out trades on behalf of users. Hence, users configure the settings of the bots, like assets they want to trade, the money they want to invest, profit, and stop-loss limit. The bot continuously tracks market trends and accumulates data on different digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

It uses the details to identify potential trading opportunities and then automatically carries out trades based on the user’s demand. However, the bot also integrates risks like stop-loss orders to secure the user’s investment. It measures the user’s profit based on the trades carried out and the profit target set by the user. Additionally, the bot continuously tracks the user’s trades and notifications the user if any change has to be made.

But, we suggest you depend on the bot, as the bot is not guaranteed profit, and users must take precautions and do their own search before making any investment.

How to Make Sure Genesis Marketplace Doesn’t Store Your Data

Hackers use different ways to impact a device and add it to a botnet. These include scams, phishing attacks, and other attempts to get malware on your system. The simple way to secure your data is not to let that software to makes its way onto your device. Here we have mentioned some of the tips:

  • First, use an updated antivirus program, which can easily spot malware and stop it from infecting your system.
  • Connect to a VPN; it will encrypt your connection and keep you secure and anonymous while online. Your IP address will be concealed, and all your data will be secured, making it quite challenging for hackers to access your details.
  • Don’t tap any unknown links and deceitful sites; don’t share your information with anyone.
  • Download password manager; it helps your information secure and helps you make unique and strong passwords.

Pros & Cons of Genesis Market

Here are the pros and cons of the Genesis deep web market of all-the-time user favorite websites.


1. Genesis is Famous

Genesis is popular

Currently, over 318,000 websites use the Genesis framework, and BuiltWith gives this data. Moreover, Genesis is also 2nd on Divi’s list of the best WordPress themes in the top 1M sites.

2. Build a Wide Range of Web with Genesis

 Genesis marketplace is suitable for all types of people. And the most amazing thing about Genesis web developers is that they have built over 30 child themes to suit your needs. Here are a few shown below:

build a wide range of sites with Genesis

Many Genesis themes come with different layouts, including width layouts suitable for page builders. Here is the specialist theme for specific niches:

  • Food: Brunch Pro, Cafe Pro, Cook’d Pro, Daily Dish Pro, Foodie Pro, Recipe Blogger
  • Health/Wellness/Lifestyle: Essence Pro, Lifestyle Pro, Mai Lifestyle Pro, Wellness Pro
  • Photography: Ambiance Pro, Revolution Pro
  • Publishing: Author Pro, Magazine Pro, News Pro

3. Genesis is Web Developer Friendly

Genesis review would be incomplete without highlighting the features that make it appealing to developers:

  • Fast & Clean Code – Code is lean and well organized in Genesis because it follows DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principles. Therefore, it runs faster.
  • Action & Filter Hook – Genesis themes have hooks that make it much easier to customize a site. Custom content can be added to action hooks, while post titles, postdates, and filter hooks can alter author information.
  • Schema Markup – The schema markup of your website helps search engines understand your site’s content. Schema markup can improve search engine results and help sites rank higher. Additionally, Genesis marketplace site has its own SEO settings, which some developers (including myself) disable in favor of a plugin.
  • Accessibility – It’s important to note that many Genesis themes are accessibility-ready, which is to say they have features that make it possible to create an accessible website. In addition to semantic headings and keyboard-accessible drop-down menus, skip links are also available.

All these characteristics are good for users, and they make Genesis-powered sites quickly to make them more user-friendly.

4. Use Genesis on Many Webs as You Want

A few commercial themes are licensed for use only on one site. In the case that one of them was used on multiple sites at the same time, the costs would quickly add up.

use Genesis on as many sites

Using the Enfold theme on 10 sites would cost you $590 since it costs $59 each. If you do a comparison, once you have bought Genesis marketplace, you can use it on a limited number of sites.

5. Continually Updating Genesis

If you explore the website, you can see that there were 16 updates to the Genesis framework in 2019. The biggest release was version 3.0.0 in June, 2019which added the capability to use Google accelerated mobile pages to the framework.

Genesis child themes come with all updates for their lifetime, and you can update your Genesis Framework as well. These are free and don’t require a license key to use.


1. Pricing

Genesis is a premium product marketplace with available price tags on the website. The web framework costs around $59.95, but studioPress highly recommends the use of a child theme with Genesis as the parent. A child theme allows customizing the WordPress theme without changing the parental theme. StudioPress provides a free Genesis sample theme; you can buy a commercial theme if you want more features.

If you want to buy both theme frameworks with a child theme, the cost range will be $99.95 to $129.95. in addition, there are a few ways to save your money; once you have bought the Genesis framework for life, you don’t have to buy it again. You can also get a discount of 25% on any Genesis child theme you purchase.

2. Harder to Customize the Genesis Marketplace Child Theme

A setup wizard in the Genesis theme will help you set up your homepage quickly. You can then customize it with your own content. Moreover, You can start using the wizard in just a few minutes, and it will automatically add the plugins and demo content you need.

Genesis child themes are well documented to help you create a site to match the theme. Moreover, you might need a developer’s help if you want to modify the demo or do something different.

Customizing a Genesis child theme

Obviously, Genesis themes can be used with page builders: Genesis + Beaver Builder is a very popular combination. In addition, the Block Editor is becoming increasingly similar to a page builder. If you want to get the most out of Genesis, it helps to have coding experience. Genesis has its own customization function, and here is a learning curve to speed up.

What You Can Do If Your Data Has Been Stolen

Identifying who is the victim of a Genesis market sale is difficult. There are two ways to find out who the victims are: one focuses on identifying when your PC is part of the botnet, while another looks at the behavior on your account. Moreover, if your data is not made public, your digital life can continue normally for years. Here are a few signs that your computer might be part of a botnet:

  • A powerful antivirus program can identify malware.
  • Slow internet connection
  • Few applications will not close
  • You cannot update your OS system
  • You can experience random PC shutdowns

Here are some signs to watch out for if you suspect Genesis Marketplace has already sold and shared your login data:

  • Dirty recommendation on the Netflix feed
  • Access from unexpected locations
  • Weird messages on social media
  • Other wary account activity

How to Secure Your Accounts After a Genesis Marketplace Leak

How to Secure Your Accounts After a Genesis Marketplace Leak

If you have noticed any suspicious activity on your social media, you might have already had your data sold on Genesis Market. Follow these steps to secure your accounts once you have made sure your computer is no longer under someone else’s control:

  • Changing your all account password is a more secure step to protect the info you don’t use for any other site. Moreover, you can use the password manager option to create strong passwords.
  • If the platform has the option to log out other users and devices, do it for your protection. For example, Fb lets you disconnect any device logged into your account. Tap on settings and then security and login, which show on the left-hand side. This will display on all the connected accounts. You can log out of all the devices after changing the password.

What Makes Genesis Market So Dangerous?

This marketplace has gained popularity for selling illicit goods and services. The market works on the Tor browser, making it quite hard for law enforcement agencies to monitor its users and shut down the site. But here the question arises what makes it so dangerous? The availability of prohibited services, drugs, weapons, hacking tools, and stolen data. This is a threat to public safety and can lead to criminal activities.

Further, the darknet market works outside of legal & regulatory frameworks, offering no responsibility for the goods being sold on the platform. The anonymous transaction on the platform also offers a safe place for criminals to conduct illicit activities without fear of being caught.

But, we are aware that scams and fraudulent activities are common on the platform, which makes trading at risk.

Scams and fraudulent activities are common in the marketplace, putting buyers and sellers at risk. Finally, the use of darknet marketplaces like Genesis Market can expose users to criminal activities and legal repercussions, making it a dangerous platform for those who use it. Overall, the illegal goods, lack of regulation, anonymity, scams, and risk of exposure make Genesis Market a dangerous platform to use.

FBI Seizes Genesis Marketplace

FBI Seizes Genesis Marketplace

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken down the Genesis market. Now the domain shows an image with a huge banner stating that “the website has been seized,” followed by a message describing the seizure and contact email for individuals that may have more info about the site or its administrators.

Genesis market served as a center to put black hats actors connected with each other with the intent to deal with or obtain stolen login details, tools for hacking user accounts, fingerprints, and more. However, the market takedown operation “Operation Cookie Monster” involves agencies from different countries. When the market was shut down, 120 people related to the site were arrested.

Hence, the FBI directs people to make sure if their login details have been compromised. They also offer the data breach notification site “Have I Been Pwned” with millions of email addresses & passwords.


Genesis marketplace has gained a lot of popularity because of its illegal goods and services, risk of scams and exposure, anonymity, and so much more. So we recommend you use precautions while accessing darknet marketplaces.