Countries With The Most Usage Of the Tor Network And The Dark Web Links

Countries with the most usage of Tor

Below the surface web, many more people know where people do whatever they want. But users can access this web (deep or dark net) via the Tor network as the links of the deep web and dark net cant be accessed through the usual browser network like Google Chrome and Firefox. Well, all the countries around the world use the Tor network and dark web links. In some countries, the Tor network and dark web links usage are quite less, but in other countries, the usage of this surface via Tor is quite a lot.

However, in this post, we have shared the top five countries with the most usage of this network, deep web, and dark web links. Additionally, we describe the factors that let the countries use the dar web internet links through the Tor network. And how highly repressive and liberal counties are highly used to the tor dark and deep web.

Suppose you want to know if your region is included in the top highly used countries of the Tor network deep web and dark web links and many more; read this post for details.

Top 5 Countries with the Most Usage of the TOR Network

Most Usage of the TOR Network

Currently, the Tor network has more than 2 million daily active users and is still rising. It is basically an open-source project promoting online anonymity through free servers and volunteer collaboration. The TOR network contains more than 5 thousand nodes that can link to its network and have Internet data routed via the network before reaching any webpage.

However, the conclusion cannot extricate Tor users to trace them. While this browser implements many functions to make sure the browsing journey is sequestered. Some functions are defensive against investigation, blocking trackers, counterattacking fingerprints, and multi-layer encoding.

When a user uses the Tor browser, the browser automatically clears the cookies and browsing history and isolates third-party trackers from following them. If anybody viewing a user’s connection, they would not see the sites they visit or browse.

Moreover, fingerprinting users founded on their browser and device data gets tough. All the traffic gets over 3 coatings of encoding over the Tor network. However, all the advantages have attracted many users to the platform over the years. Many people, like activists, politicians, businesses, journalists, and governments, use TOR for their revenue.

Below we have shared the top five countries according to the TOR stats with the most usage of daily users of the Tor network all over the world.

Top 5 countries with highest daily users of Tor Network

1.     Russia

Russia has the largest share of daily active users of the Tor network, which indicates approximately 12194 daily users.

2.     United States of America

The United States of America ranks second with the average number of users as over 10972 people access the internet via the Tor browser daily.

3.     Germany

Tor network is very popular in Germany, with 15012 active daily users that browse the web through the Tor Browser to conceal their identity.

4.     United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom ranks fourth number of active everyday users of the Tor network, with over 69800 users.

5.     Iran

In this Tor stats, Iran is at the 5th rank with 3778 active users per day that surf the internet via the Tor network.

Usage of Tor Network in Countries as a Percentage of Web Population

When observing the number of TOR networks, users as a proportion of the bigger internet population. The Middle East and North African countries have the second peak usage rate, with an average of more than 100000 internet users operating the service.

Tor networks in Middle Eastern countries are mainly widespread in Israel, accounting for more Tor users than in India. At the same time, fewer than four percent of internet users. However, TOR is also widespread in Iran, accounting for the prime number of Tor users separate from Europe and the United States of America (USA). And up to fifty percent more users than the United Kingdom (UK), in spite of having only one-third of its internet population.

In countries like Moldova, Monaco, Iceland, Liechtenstein Seychelles, Cayman Island Luxembourg, and Andorra, comparative Tor network usage is more than 300 Tor browser users per 100000 web users. Moldova has the biggest Tor network usage, with 963 Tor browsers per internet user. Because, Moldova has no state-level or ISP-level internet censorship. Many users access the internet from their workplaces or internet cafes.

While the number of Tor network users in China has reduced, it is a great firewall for China that efficiently avoids networks to the Tor network from inside the country. Countries with fewer than 10 users per day were misplaced as they were too minor for the map, including Eritrea, Nauru, Kiribati, and Tuvalu.

Top 5 Countries with the Most Usage of Dark Web Links

Most Usage of Dark Web Links

Scorn growing cybersecurity risks the growing number of digital attacks and legal operations conducted by federal authorities like the FBI and CIA. The number of Dark web links users, and illicit markets is growing progressively.

However, using the dark web is not prohibited, but taking part in illegitimate activities while using it is banned. But inappropriately, popular users use this side of the web service just to accomplish their depraved requirements. These activities include unprescribed medicine, fake documents, financial service, drugs, and weapons to using unlawful activities like slaying and child pornography and whatsoever you want.

Daily users of the dark web, almost 2.5 million accessing the dark web underground links with the help of the Tor network. The users of these links are everywhere worldwide. At the same time, some countries outshine other countries and regions in terms of dark web users.

Determining the exact number of dark web users in a country is difficult because of the confidentiality given to the organization. However, some investigations and reports have revealed some insights into the inquiry.

Here we have covered the top 5 countries with the most usage of the dark web links that use via the Tor network.

Countries with highest daily users of dark web links

NOTE: Keep in mind that the number of users might be because of a variable quantity. Like the country’s huge population’s inevitable access to the web and the occurrence of uncountable well-versed people.

1.      United States of America

Currently, most people use the dark web from the US, which is 34.81 percent, which translates to a daily average user count of 831911, about 22 percent of all worldwide traffic of dark web links. The users from the United States are involved in the trade data, malware, narcotics, and fraudulent papers on the Dark web.

NOTE: The large number of dark web users in the united states of America does not be guaranteed to imply that Americans are bound to participate in criminal operations on the dark web than individuals from different nations.

2.      Russia

Russia ranks number two in terms of users for the dark web internet, with almost 27384 daily users, which is 11.46 percent of people. However, users from Russia use the dark net links mostly to sell and buy malware exploit setups, data leaks, and crypto lockers.

3.      Germany

This country has almost 171009 daily users of dark net links, which has about 7.16 percent. The users of the dark net in Germany engage in criminal activities like purchasing or selling spyware, credit card number, dump botnets, and fake data documents and malware.

4.      Netherlands

The dark web internet used in the Netherlands is around 165281 daily users, with about 6.92 percent of all individuals on the dark web. Most of the Netherlands’ dark web users transacted for fake goods, drugs, firearms, electronics, and narcotics.

5.      France

In the top five countries, France ranks fifth on the darknet links used with the Tor network. The dark net users make up almost 78714 daily users, up to 3.29 percent of dark web users. The dark net links users mostly search pornographic material, stolen possessions, electronics, or data dumps.

Factors Tor Network & Dark Web Links with the Most Usage Countries

Factors Tor Network & Dark Web Links

In many regions worldwide, users have grown their communities on the dark web and deep web links that they can access via the Tor network. Asian and European are included in regions whose underground internet threatens the government.

Cyber activities and the dark and deep web have increased daily in Asia and Europe. Based on the dark web and Tor network monitoring experience reports, we have mentioned some factors behind the success of the dark and deep web links and the Tor network.

1.      Funds Flow Via Cryptocurrencies

The high usage of the Tor network in European and Asian countries is due to the anonymity of the bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) that led the black market to flourish. Cryptocurrency lets the sellers and buyers execute a trusted transaction without knowing each other identities.

Every crypto transaction is kept private by only revealing their wallet IDs. Keeping a BTC user transaction private lets them go into the criminal markets. And get involved in buying and selling illegal goods. According to a report, the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) transactions on the black market in 2012 was about $250 million; in 2017, it increased to $872 million approximately.

However, the transaction rate increased in 2019 and reached around $1 billion in 2019. After 2020 the sellers have initiated to add attractive offers to their virtual stores. These offers sell fiat money for Bitcoin (BTC) at 10 percent of its value, where the customers can pay a cybercriminal $800 in Bitcoin (BTC) and get $10000 transferred to their bank account.

2.      Ransom Payout of Cybercriminals

Another reason for European and Asian countries with the most usage of the dark web and deep links and Tor network is the Malware attacks. These attacks have been rapidly growing in the past few years, and the reason for this increase is that cybercriminals are being paid out.

Such as, a web hosting company from Korea ended up paying almost $1.14 million in 2017 in ransom payment, which is considered the biggest ransomware payout till now.

Furthermore, somewhere in Florida, a system got hacked by cybercriminals in 2019. They end up paying out 65 bitcoins (BTC), almost $600000, to the attackers as ransom.

However, these payouts encourage cybercriminals resulting in new ransomware attacks with more features. Some cyber insurance companies are also indirectly causing a surge in these ransomware attacks because they have initiated to pay the ransom, which costs them less than remediation or backups.

3.      Organization Attack Surfaces are Growing

The reason for the most usage of the Tor network and dark web and deep web links in European and Asian countries is that organizations are rapidly moving to the digital world. Their work limitations have disappeared, and the system is integrated.

However, this movement has also raised the attack surface of organizations. With the growth in earnings from these attacks’ cybercriminals are vying for bigger and more opportunistic attacks.

So, organizations must consider investing their resources in the following to prepare themselves for the fight against cybercrime.

  • Increase visibility into the Dark and deep web: Expanding visibility into the Dark web and cybercrime to formulate for earlier hidden threats will respond to main quarries, which are wise for enlightening monitoring abilities.
  • Take a danger-built approach: When an organization takes danger build approach to dropping its attack surface by proactively recognizing and remediating susceptibilities. Many organizations struggle due to the difficulty of their internal policies, contradictory priorities, restricted controls over outsourced abilities, and poor authority.
  • Gain alertness of Cyber threats: Increase situational awareness of cyber threats and risks introduced by third parties partners and suppliers. Cybercriminals are progressively abusing faith to deportment cyberattacks on their targets. While big organizations have arranged TPCRM skills, their confidence level is quite low.

4.    Increasing the Success of Darknet & Deep Web Marketplaces

The Darknet and deep web marketplaces are booming quickly, which is another reason European and Asian countries have the most usage for the Tor network and deep web dark net links. The countries mentioned earlier are the highest Tor, deep web, and dark web users that are worthwhile for dealers.

Ransomware bouts are among the most operative ways to get money from organizations. The proliferation of ransomware groups is an example of the growing marketplace. Some groups enthusiastically participate with hackers in the dark web market to increase their processes and aim for more administrations.

According to research, cybercrime yields $1.5 trillion in profits annually, including $860 million in drug and weapons sales. Their earnings are growing as the demand is accomplishing new altitudes. 

Countries with the Most Usage of TOR are Highly Repressive or Liberal

Countries with the Most Usage of TOR

According to the Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) reports, people in most oppressive countries would not use the Tor network. Due to severe limitations on technology or communication.

Instead, people in the most liberal countries would not immediately need a Tor browser to browse deep and dark web links. However, the usage of the Tor network is highest at both (liberal and repressive). These commands of the political range, summiting at the most oppressed and liberal countries globally.

As per the Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) research, evidence suggests that at extreme levels of repression, Tor provides a useful tool to people in those situations to do things they would not be able to do on the surface web.

The company analyzed the data from 157 countries stretching. The data measured internet penetration amount, intellectual property rights regime, affluence, secondary educational levels, and honesty to overseas impacts.

Furthermore, the data included a rating for a country’s political repression consequent from valuations and metrics for tor usage. The data for using the tor network conveyed are nodes and bridges.

  • Nodes: Nodes of the network a user typically routes their traffic through.
  • Bridges: The Bridges are nonpublic relays used in restricted big counties that wedge access to normal relays.

Below we have described how highly repressive and liberal regions have high usage of the TOR network and dark web links.

How Highly Repressive Countries Have High Usage of Tor & Dark Web Links

The research indicates political repression drives the Tor network’s usage that controls for other relevant factors. Moving from Burkina Faso, where the political impression is 8, to Uzbekistan, where political repression is 14.

While outcomes are an annual increase of about 212.58 Tor network bridges and 10000 internets per user daily. A statistically noteworthy relation exists between a country’s political context and the use of Tor overall.

How Highly Liberal Countries Have the Most Usage of TOR Network

Not just highly repressive regions have a higher Tor network usage. Countries on the lower end of the political repression spectrum also display significant Tor network and dark web links use. These countries were in the middle of the rank, not as repressive authoritarian regions or free republics, with the lowest number of users using the TOR browser and dark and deep web links.

As it is a dual use, the Tor network and dark web links are not only used to avoid censorship in oppressive regions. Instead, the tech could be used to protect privacy or for criminal purposes. However, the usage of the Tor browser peaks at the extreme of the political spectrum. Because it may be connected to a country’s political need for Tor, like avoiding restriction. Furthermore, it also increased the opportunity for their use. Like in the United States, the Tor browser can be used easily without major outcomes.


How to use the Tor network to access dark and deep web links?

You must install the Tor browser on your device to access the deep web and dark web links on the Tor browser.

Is tor network entirely anonymous?

It is not probable to have complete obscurity using the Tor Network. Though some things exist, you can prefer to strengthen your anonymity. Don’t use torrents over Tor, don’t enable browser plugins, use HTTPs versions of sites, and use bridges.

Which countries censor the usage of Tor Network?

Countries with various government systems censor tor network usage, including China, Finland, Mongolia, Senegal, Panama, Lithuania, and many others.

How to know if a dark web link is a scam or reliable?

Due to the anonymous nature of the dark web and deep web, it is quite difficult to know the trustworthiness of a link on the dark web.

Is it legal to use the dark web links on Tor?

Using dark web links via Tor is legal, yet the activities on this web are illicit.

Summed Up

Users cant access the dark web and deep web links via Google Chrome. They have to use an anonymous browser like Tor Network. In this post, we have mentioned five countries with the highest usage rate of Tor network deep web and dark web links.

Moreover, the factors that let them use these services more and why these countries are highly repressive and liberal.

Let us know in the comment box if your country counts as one of the most usages of Tor and dark net links. Don’t forget to share your queries related to Tor network deep web and dark net links.