Interesting Statistics on Hidden Wiki Websites and Deep Web in General

Interesting Statistics

Ever thought about what the “invisible web” would be hiding? Well, Hidden Wiki is one of the sites operated by the Onion domain. It can only be accessed through the TOR browser, where you can edit anonymously once registered. It also works as a directory to other onion sites. It has all the links to hidden onion sites and illegal works such as contract killing, bomb-making, identity theft, etc.

You must have heard of the Deep web. It lies under the Surface web and stores data that cannot be found on conventional search engines. These encrypted onion sites can only be accessed through a special browser. Under the remote layers of the deep web lies the hidden deepest corner of the Internet; the dark web has become popular for criminal activities on the platform.

Cybercrime is reaching new heights because of these sites. It has become a place only for crimes and criminals making it sound like how a dystopian world in a science fiction movie would be.

The dark web is not considered a safe place for handling businesses. However, popular marketplaces sell illegal items like illicit drugs, counterfeit currency, child pornography content, etc. With so much going on behind the curtains, both legal and illegal activities, anonymous browsing has made this even worse and unsafe for many people.

You are worried about keeping your business safe and have no idea about the threatening world of the deep/darknet. We want you to know the most hidden deep web statistics list to show how threatening it can be.

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Hidden Wiki as The Directory for the Onion Sites

Hidden Wiki as The Directory for the Onion Sites

Hidden Wiki is an unofficial Wikipedia of the dark web; it is not the dark web itself nor a search engine for onion sites. However, it is a directory of the un indexes links to the users. Once you start exploring the Hidden Wiki, you might find links and sites that would make you question many things; those links can be dangerous and objectionable.

Also, as you explore the dark web, you will encounter fake Hidden Wiki pages. There are many popular scams, so one should be aware and very careful while browsing.

Some Interesting Statistics on Deep/Dark Web: A Hidden World of Terror

A Hidden World of Terror

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the deep and dark web.

1.    The US Government Created a Deep/Dark Web

It was created by two research organizations in the US government in the late 1990s. So the spies can communicate with each other anonymously. Therefore, the American military researchers created The Onion Router (TOR) to maintain their anonymity and privacy while browsing on the network.

2.    Only 4% of the Entire Net is Surface Web

The surface web is the most known and accessible part of the Internet. It comprises websites indexed by regular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Anything easily accessible to regular search engines is a part of the surface web.

3.    The Rest of the 90% is all the Deep Web

90% of the Internet is deep web; it is easy to access. It is just like the surface web, consisting of data like passwords protected information. It also has a database of organizations and institutions like schools, hospitals, etc.

4.    The Dark Web is only 6% of the Internet

No one knows the exact number, but the mentioned number is based on the report from 2021, as it is a second home for criminals to sell illegal stuff. Despite being associated with crimes, it also is legitimate for journalism.

5.    The Invisible Content on the Dark Web

We know regular search engines cannot access everything on the dark web. But a report tells that 60% of the dark web content cannot be found on standard search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

6.    Hidden Wiki is the Popular Search Engine for the Deep/Dark Web

Hidden Wiki is considered one of the most popular search engines for the deep and dark web in 2022. Some other popular search engines are Ahmia, Dark Search, Torch, Haystack, and others.

7.    Dark web is not an Illegal Platform

As mentioned earlier, the dark web was not made for illegal marketplaces or other crimes; however, it is not illegal to use. But people use this Internet layer to commit horrible crimes.

8.    TOR users are Highly Educated, According to Research of 2018

As 58% of the Tor users had a postgraduate degree. 17.7% were high school graduates; only about 6% didn’t have a degree. According to research from 2018, about 80% of dark web users are male, and only 9% are female users.

9.    The Leading Currency on the Deep and Dark Web is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is mostly used currency on the dark web and deep web. The reason can be pretty obvious as Bitcoin does not leave traces and enhances anonymity. The main currency might be Bitcoin, but 12 other cryptocurrencies are also valid for transactions on the dark web, including Monero, Ethereum, etc.

However, 98% of the transactions are made by Bitcoin. As the dark web becomes more popular, it has made Bitcoin grow, and because of the latter, cryptocurrency is rising.

10. The Country with the Highest Number of Dark Web Users

According to dark web statistics, the ratio of users of darknet websites in the US was 34% which translates to 831,911. Therefore, the US had the highest number of dark web users in 2020.

11. 300% Increase in the Users of the Dark Web

The dark web, the deepest corner of the Internet, has increased by more than 300% of active users from 2017 to 2020. And the number of active users is even getting bigger now.

12. The Number of Current Users on the Dark Web

According to the famous onion site TOR browser, it is estimated that more than 2 million people are currently and actively accessing the dark web in 2023.

13. Price of a Stolen Credit Card on the Dark Web

The Dark Web Price Index shows how these users can buy cloned credit cards with a PIN that costs only $25 to $35 on the dark web. It is the most selling thing on the dark web and keeps getting pricey.

14. A Huge File with all the Personal Information was Leaked

The largest leaked file on the dark web was a file with over 100 GB storage of information consisting of around 8 billion passwords uploaded on the dark web, known as the RockYou2021 password leak.

15. Cyberattack Every 39 Seconds on the Dark Web

There is a Cyberattack by hackers every 39 seconds, meaning 2,244 times a day. A phishing attack is the most common type of cyberattack; it is the easiest way for hackers to collect sensitive information. They can act as a trusted source and trick the user into sharing all their information.

16. Shutting Down of Silk Road

There are many marketplaces for selling illegal stuff on the dark web, and many people behind such sites get arrested; one is Ross Ulbricht, the creator behind one of the leading dark web market Silk Road. FBI arrested him, and his market was shut down in 2015.

US Government made the dark web; we can witness how easy it is for them to catch a mastermind behind such dark marketplaces. But within 2.5 years, multiple criminals were daily users of that site. Silk Road generated their sale by selling kilograms of illegal drugs and made around 9.5 million in Bitcoin, valued at $12 billion then. 

17. Taking Precautions from the Malicious Websites

The deep and dark web is not only responsible for showing malicious websites or harmful links. Therefore, being aware of scams and malicious websites is very important. No matter what Internet layer you use, you will encounter many harmful links on the web pages you browse. So it is better to take safety measures.

18. Ransomware Attacks Every 11 seconds

Well, it has become a popular opinion that the dark web is dangerous. In 2011 there was a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, which blocks the system’s access and encrypts the data. Cybercriminals then ask for ransom money in return for releasing their data. And while we think it won’t get worse, wait until you see the ransomware attack on business and their consumers. Especially on their devices, it will increase; it will occur every 2 seconds by the year 2031.

The ransomware attack damage cost around $20 billion in the year 2021. It was a record-breaking attack. We should be scared of how it will be by 2031; around $265 billion in damage will be caused due to ransomware attacks, and major companies might collapse.

19. Big Companies are Under Threat Because of the Dark Web

In 2016 the listing on the dark web of companies that are not related to the drug-selling business was reported as having a 40% chance as a threat that they could harm big companies in just three years. Its number increased to 60% in 2019.

20. Hacking Facebook Accounts and Bank accounts on the Dark Web

Allegedly dark web hackers will hack a Facebook account for you for $65 only. They sell a stolen bank account for $120 with a minimum balance of $2,000. 

21. Prices of the Dark Web Market

The prices on the dark web marketplaces keep changing. It depends on the demand, as supply will never run out. Credit card information and fake ids are commonly sold and in-demand items on the dark web.

Global Cyber Crime Statistics on the Dark Web

Global Cyber Crime Statistics on the Dark Web

Global cybersecurity has been threatened, especially after the 2020 pandemic when people and businesses switched to remote work environments. Therefore, malware attacks increased in 2020 to 358% compared to 2019. These cyberattacks increased by 125% through 2021 and threatened businesses and individuals in 2022.

Phishing is considered the most common crime committed on the dark web. Internet users easily become victims of phishing attacks; incidents rose by 220% during the pandemic. 1 out of 5 internet users get victims of phishing attacks.

  1. The country with the highest number of crimes is the United Kingdom victims per million internet users at 4783 in 2020.
  2. The USA is the next country with the second-highest number of cybercrime victims per million internet users in 2022.
  3. UK and USA have more victims of cybercrime than any other country in the world.
  4. In 2021, every 1 out of 2 internet users in North America had their accounts breached.
  5. On average, 97 data breach victims were recorded every hour worldwide in 2021.
  6. After these two countries, the Netherlands has the greatest rise in the percentage of victims, with a more than 50% increase in 2020. 
  7. Cybercrime increased in the Asia-Pacific region by 168% between 2020-2021.
  8. Cyberattacks increased in Japan by 40% in May 2021 compared to the previous percentage.

Most Committed Crimes on the Dark Web (Country wise)

Type of crimes that are committed by different countries on the dark web.

  • United States

Americans use the dark web to trade illegal drugs, fake documentation, and steal user data.

  • Germany

Germans use the dark web to sell and purchase credit cards, information on debit cards, fake documentation, and Botnets.

  • France

French use it for trading stolen goods; French users are also into hidden cyberspace for pornography and data dumps.

  • Russia

Russians use the dark web for Data dumps, malware trading, and Exploit Kits.

  • The Netherlands

The Dutch users use the dark web for counterfeit items, trading narcotics and guns.

Attacks Against Asian Organizations

Asian Organizations suffered the most cyberattacks in 2021. The attacks against organizations with the percentage by the continent in 2021 are mentioned below.

  1. Asia (26%)
  2. Europe (24%)
  3. North America (23%)
  4. Middle East and Africa (14%)
  5. Latin America (13%)

Different types of attacks in 2021 when Breaching Organizations

  1. Ransomware was the main type of attack, with 26% in Europe. (12%) Server attacks and (10%) of Data theft were other common types of attacks in the continent.
  2. The main type of attack observed in Middle East Africa was 18% of Server access attacks.
  3. 20% of Server access attacks were observed in Asia, with ransomware (11%) and data theft (10%). 
  4.  The main type of attack in Latin America was ransomware; about 29% of attacks were attempted.

How to Protect Yourself Against the Cyber Threats of the Dark Web

In a world where everything starts and ends on the Internet. The dark web and cybercrimes can be dangerous; you should take precautions to save yourself from cyber threats.

Here are some safety measures you should take before or while using the Internet to help you avoid the risk associated with stolen information to maintain your online security. 

  1. Enable two-factor authentication and use strong and unique passwords for all your accounts.
  2. Update your software, antivirus, and operating system.
  3. Be careful before you click any links and attachments in your email.
  4. When you connect to public Wifi-networks, connect VPN for browsing securely and safely.
  5. To prevent unauthorized access to your devices, enable the firewall

How to Protect Your Business Data/ Information from The Dark Web

The dark web is the biggest threat to businesses. It offers stolen and leaked data of the company businesses have confidential data, personal information of the employees, clients even the company’s financial details. Such information will benefit the criminals who can profit from selling it and committing ransomware attacks.

Sometimes they might not have any personal gain; they only publish your business information for fun or to ruin your business’s reputation. The employees might leak their company’s data by becoming victims of phishing emails. Disgruntled employees can also be a reason for leaking the company’s confidential documents and all personal information.

Small businesses can be in more danger because of increasing cybercrime security issues, as they lack the resources to cope with the threats. Cyber security experts know it’s not easy for someone to catch the data dump. But once it gets into the hacker’s hands, they can make a lot of money.

Fortunately, there are some ways to secure your company’s data so they don’t end up in hackers’ hands. Therefore, follow these simple steps and some tools and software to secure sensitive data.

  1. Regularly change your passwords.
  2. Make a password using upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  3. Have different passwords for each account.
  4. Use two-factor identification.
  5. Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  6. Also, make sure to install firewall and antivirus software.
  7. Make sure your employees know how to use the Internet safely.
  8. Also, remember to be careful with the websites you use and the links you click.
  9. Your company can also invest in IT solutions so that the experts themselves can handle security matters.


Q. How much does it cost on the dark web to buy someone’s identity? shows the Dark Web Price Index, which only costs $1,010 to buy someone’s identity.

Q.  Which country has the highest number of dark web market shares?

The United States has the highest number of market shares on the dark web markets, with a percentage of 34.81%.

Q. How many worldwide users of the dark web are there?

The active users of the dark web from around the world were about 2.5 million; however, the number increased to 2.7 million at the start of April 2023.

Q. Is Telegram used for dark net sites?

Telegram is a messenger app with secure encryption and motivates privacy, allowing users to communicate on it. However, 8% of its users participate in Telegram’s darknet channels.

Q. Which countries have the most users on the dark web?

United States, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, and France these countries have the most users on the dark web compared to others.

Q. What kind of personal data can end up on the dark web?

Your personal information, including your Log-in information for payment services such as PayPal or Zelle, driver’s licenses, passports, phone numbers, credit and debit card information, fake diplomas, social security numbers, medical records, and log-in information for subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon can be found on the dark web.

Q. What is the dark web monitoring service?

A dark web monitoring service keeps scanning the web 24/7 to ensure that the content or data of your organization is safe from cyber criminals. While scanning, it can easily and quickly detect when your information is trying to be hacked by a criminal.

Wrapping it up

The information mentioned above about statistics of Hidden Wiki and the Deep/Dark web, in general, is fascinating yet terrifying. Aren’t they? The deep web is 90% of the Internet and has all the anonymity and secrecy.

The deep web and the dark have become breeding grounds for criminals and spies and are the only reason it has gained popularity over the years and is still. Many big companies have faced losses due to data breaches and thefts. As technology is developing for us, it is also growing for criminals, and malicious attackers can be more threatening to us.

By now, you know how many people are using the dark web and committing horrible crimes. Also, you know all the countries that highly contribute to the dark net marketplaces. However, making yourself safe while using the Internet is the need of the hour.

After learning all these deep/ dark web statistics, you must be careful of what you post and how much information you share online. In this digital world, it is important to prioritize your safety online over anything else, as cybercrime is more threatening to companies and businesses. Protecting your passwords is always an easy and better option; you should also keep your firewall on.