The Hidden Wiki History

The Hidden Wiki History

The “Hidden Wiki” is a community-editable directory and information source.

The site accepts no responsibility for the material provided by its users, the accuracy of the information displayed here, or the content of other websites. The site’s administrator(s) cannot review and/or confirm every link and/or piece of information posted here.

Every uploader is solely responsible for the material he or she uploads. The Hidden Wiki does not validate or categorize services in any manner. Please keep in mind that anybody may edit the Wiki, so just something is published here does not guarantee it is factual.

While we advise our users not to link to websites that contain unlawful material in general, this word is specific to the nation in which the connected website is located. As a result, it is conceivable that some of the links you see here may lead you to locations you will find objectionable. You must do your investigation before relying on any information provided here.

Hidden Wiki Legality

This website is a community-editable public directory, essentially a collection of functioning links. However, the Hidden Wiki is a completely free service. It does not and will not take any kind of payment.

There are no exceptions. If somebody requests money (or coins) for their services related to the Hidden Wiki, he is most likely a scammer, and you will be charged for an otherwise free service (or worse, you will be charged for nothing). You must pay at your own risk.

The Real History of the Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki functioned as a hidden service through a .onion top-level domain link that could only be accessed via Tor or a gateway. It grew in popularity within the Tor community and was recognized for its list of connections to sites selling narcotics, stolen credit cards, fake identity papers, child pornography, paid cyber assaults, smuggled chemicals, and firearms. All directory links were provided on the main page, and the hidden wiki had a few additional pages in the past.

Always Updating of Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki began in 2006, with the name “6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion,” and it was shut down by the FBI in June 2007.

Then it was operational under the domain “oldd6th4cr5spio4.onion,” maintained by someone going by the identity Matt, until it collapsed again in May 2009.

After being active in the domain “kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion,” ION developed the most widely utilized hidden wiki, which was also known as Ion’s Wiki.

Ion’s hidden wiki had regular outages, and there were several TOR hidden service mirrors from the hidden ION wiki to act as a backup when the main site went down. It is possible that ION ceased updating and monitoring the wiki in late 2013 or early 2014.

FBI Operation on the Hidden Wiki

In addition, in October 2011, the hacktivist collective Anonymous launched Operation Darknet to disrupt the activity of child pornography sites that are accessible through secret services.

However, Anonymous uploaded a Pastebin link with the identities of 1,589 Lolita City users. Lolita City is a child pornography website that may be found deep inside the internet.

Anonymous was also able to find the site through the hidden wiki. They traced a website that included more than 100 terabytes of child pornography. Lolita City was momentarily out of commission owing to a denial of service assault carried out by Anonymous.

On March 10, 2014, a hidden deep web wiki was forced to shut down.

To escape their impending closure, The Hidden Wiki administrators updated their servers and domain. Currently serves as an index to other sites of the same “.onion” type.

If you want to access the deep web, the link to the hidden wiki, use secure browsers, and proceed with care.

How to Access to the Hidden Wiki

How to Access to the Hidden Wiki

You have undoubtedly heard of the “dark web” or perhaps the Hidden Wiki if you have seen any modern-day media or spent time reading about privacy online. The Hidden Wiki, unlike the ordinary edition of Wikipedia, is not an encyclopedia. It is a list of websites that you will not discover on the Internet but could find helpful. Because it is only devoted to resisting censorship, anybody may make an account and modify it anonymously.

If you are ready to take the plunge into what is colloquially known as “the onion network” and start visiting websites that most people never see, we will guide you to the Hidden Wiki. We will even recommend some somewhat more dependable options.

I) Private Browsing with TOR

You must first grasp what .onion websites are before you can access the Hidden Wiki. The network known as the “dark web” is just a collection of websites that utilize a unique top-level domain name. Instead of “.com,” onion websites finish in “.onion” and do not have an easy-to-remember moniker. Because these URLs seem to be random sequences of characters, it is simpler to identify related sites using directories such as the Hidden Wiki.

The issue with .onion sites is that they cannot be accessed using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other popular web browsers. They are not secure, which defeats the purpose of .onion sites: anonymity. Instead, you must download Tor, a specialized browser.

It functions similarly to any other browser, except that before you begin browsing the web, it will link you at random to three volunteer computers located across the globe that are members of the Tor network.

When combined with a reliable virtual private network, these proxies will not only keep your location concealed from prying eyes but will also allow you to access .onion websites.

One thing you will undoubtedly notice right away is that DuckDuckGo, rather than Google, is the default search engine. This is done on purpose. Google generates money by gathering data on everything you do online. They urge you to utilize their service for unrelated site logins and to save your search history for subsequent research.

II) DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has gained popularity among privacy enthusiasts due to its privacy-focused search engine. Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo does not gather personal information, such as IP addresses, search history, or device information. This means that users can conduct searches without fear of being tracked or having their data sold to advertisers.

In addition to its privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo offers features that prioritize user privacy, such as encrypting searches, blocking trackers, and using a privacy-focused browser extension. This makes it an ideal search engine for those who value their privacy and want to take steps to protect their online data.

The other advantage of using DuckDuckGo is that it provides unbiased search results without the influence of personalized search algorithms or targeted advertisements. This means that users can access a wider range of information and perspectives without being confined to a filter bubble created by search algorithms.

III) Locating the Hidden Wiki

Finding the Hidden Wiki is fairly simple at this stage. You can search for it on DuckDuckGo, and it will appear as one of the first results. You may then begin browsing the accessible links .onion sites that interest you.

There are a few cautions that we would like to mention. To begin with, viewing the Hidden Wiki is perfectly legal; however, not all of the websites mentioned are suitable for children. We give this material for educational reasons only, and we advise you to take caution when clicking on links.

Furthermore, since the onion network is unmoderated, there are a lot of frauds. We do not suggest that you send any payment information to any site having a .onion address. More importantly, keep your anti-virus software up to date to prevent viruses.

At last, the Hidden Wiki has multiple versions, and due to the absence of moderation, they might be difficult to traverse. Instead of depending on the “brand name,” look for the Daniel Onion Link List or TorLinks, both of which have a degree of moderation to help screen out frauds and faulty links.

The Experience of Browsing the Hidden Wiki

The Experience of Browsing the Hidden Wiki

A first look of the Tor network’s oldest and most notorious site. You need Tor Browser to reach it.

According to some research, the Hidden Wiki is one of the oldest sites still exists today on Tor. It is a monument to freedom and to anti-censorship.

Today, we took the liberty of browsing through the Hidden Wiki, and see what we can find there.


In this article you’ll find some info about probably illegal stuff. Neither the owner of this site, nor the publisher of this article holds any responsibility about what you do. This is just an informal article, which has got the sole purpose of education. The owners of this site doesn’t condone or support ANY kind of illegal activity.

In layman’s terms: What you’ll do with the information you find here, is your choice, and yours only. You are 100% on your own, if you get yourself into trouble.

Back in the days the Hidden Wiki was a monument to free speech, as almost everybody was able to edit anything on the site. Nowadays, the site became a little more restricted, to fight spammers and other generally bad actors.

The main page is still one of the best resource you can use, if you want to find some good stuff on Tor. Only one thing you cannot find there anymore: child porn. The Hidden Wiki admins has banished these kind of material from the whole site long ago, as probably they are also parents in real life.

But you can find a whole world of other stuff!

There are some interesting philosophical articles, which can give you a good read if you’re really bored. Other than that, there is a whole stuff of services with questionable ethics.

– For example, you can find hacked PayPal accounts there, (Fish’n’Pal, PayPal Bazaar, etc.), you can buy stolen credit card data (Premium Cards, Cash Machine, Black & White Cards, etc.), stolen or forged identities (USfakeIDs, Fake Passport IDs), and believe me, these are really just the tip of the iceberg.

The services you find there are in high variety. Forged money, cheap (probably stolen) phones and other electronics, a whole world of drugs, all can be bought here, if you have the bravery. You can also buy and sell Bitcoin anonymously, or hire hackers to do some nasty stuff for you.

One can ask the question, how can this be? Well, let’s make it perfectly clear that the Hidden Wiki itself is not an illegal site. It just indexes Tor content, it serves as a directory, which everyone can edit. This is how the site can exist for such a long time, without getting into too much trouble with law enforcement.

In layman’s terms again: saying that the Hidden Wiki is an illegal site, is the same if you would say that Google is an illegal service, because it does index websites which has got illegal content on them. You get the idea.

You can even find some good legal stuff on the Wiki. For example, you can find the official Onion address of Facebook, PornHub, Deutsche Welle, etc, which are perfectly legal sites, you can basically reach these services via Onionland, while staying (almost) completely anonymous.

If you want a really secure e-mail address, or a bulletproof hosting service, you can also find one there. Good books, freedom of press, anti-censorship tips and guides are also available, feel free to browse it.

There are so much more, and this article doesn’t want to spoil everything for you. Just remember: if you are bored from the ‘normal’ stuff, if you are tired that you’re only seeing content which are specifically allowed to you. Or if you just want to experience something different, something which gives you the false feeling of ‘freedom’ into the Hidden Wiki any time, and discover some interesting new things.

The Official Hidden Wiki is available at: http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion

Visit for more deep web links.

Our Deep Web & Hidden Wiki User Interface 

For a better understanding of the website’s core functionalities, we’ve divided the first section into four sections. The site is simple, as one would expect from a wiki page.

Our General Platform with Your Required Services
  1. The onion URL is available for the hidden wiki.
  2. This is a side bar menu choice with various subsections, such as, Recent changes,” which will show you the most recent changes on the site, such as edits, user creation, page creation, and so on.
  3. The other amazing feature is the “random page” button. Because the hidden wiki is one of the best databases in the deep web world for anything onion related. It will show you random pages, some of which may be quite fascinating and useful.
  4. The right side bar is essentially a shortcut to all of the platform’s key category sections.
  5. If you’re a first-time visitor, you should start with this section. It contains reliable information such as safety recommendations, deep web history, conspiracy theories, and dark web.