British Citizen Jailed After Contracting Hitman on the Hidden Wiki

The Dark Web contains many hire hitman websites like the Mexican Mafia, destruction network, and others that offer different features to kill anyone. However, users can find these hitman websites on Hidden Wiki, which can access via the TOR network.

So if you want to know about the hitman services websites, you are at the right place. In this article, we will walk through how you can hire hitmen on Hidden Wiki, the pros and cons of Hidden Wiki, and some cases that lead people to get sentenced to hail for contacting killers on the dark Web. But first, let us know about what really is hidden Wiki.

An Overview of Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is basically a list of links for hidden websites to access the deep Web and Dark Web. It was introduced on January 18th, 2008. Currently get more than 150 million page visits monthly from almost a thousand exclusive visitors.

The links to the hidden wiki directory are unavailable on the surface web operating as Tor Hidden service. The homepage of this directory obliges as an index for numerous hidden services, including search engine forums, marketplaces, and other sites not indexed by standard search engines like Google, Bing, and Opera.

However, the hidden wiki encyclopedia is reachable only via Tor Browser, which lets to visit the internet secretly by directing its user’s traffic through numerous encoded layers. In that case, the site visitors can’t be traced back to the visitor location via a hidden routing procedure.

Here we share a diverse range of people that uses hidden wiki to access the dark Web.

  • Cybercriminals: People uses hidden Wiki to access the dark Web and deep web marketplaces or forums to engage in illegal activities, including hacking, hiring hitman, drug trafficking, or other illicit activities.
  • Researchers & Journalists: Specialists researching issues linked to the dark and deep Web. Or directing investigations may use the hidden Wiki to discover relevant Hidden services or communities.
  • Secrecy-conscious Users: Individuals who value their privacy and want to access data or services without being stalked or monitored may use the hidden Wiki to search for possessions on the Tor network.

Can You Really Contract a Hitman on the Hidden Wiki?

Can You Really Contract a Hitman on the Hidden Wiki

The internet world has the most unregulated mass of research on humanity in history, which was a nice idea and gave a good run. But the result is in, and a big no. However, the internet is exploding with many websites and forums that let users hire a hitman straightforwardly.

Facts About Hiring Hitman

As per the research of true-crime vlogger Yina Bokinni, stated hiring a contract killer on the dark Web via a hidden Wiki is easy. She takes a microscope to scary corners of the dark Web – murder-for-hire sites.

Yina Bokinni initiates her work by searching the results of a hack into the Besa Mafia website, which payments are suitable in Bitcoin. That offers services from arson to assassin gunfire to be carried out by Albanian mobsters. And the site uncovers thousands of emails, arranging many hits.

People can even pay extra to modify their killing, with snipers and torture coming at a premium. But anonymity if it is the determining factor. It is the fact that they are not being watched, and people think that what they are doing is hidden. That is when the most brutal behavior shows itself.

Further research shows that murder is not just a click away. Like any mesmerizing true crime story, the tale comes with a twist. The murder-for-hire site is one big scam run by a secretive Yura. Users pay their BTC and don’t get their choice.

The assassins go to the off-beam place, get caught up in traffic, and are pulled over by a law enforcement agency. So they must terminate the mission for similar bathetic clarifications while Yura upsells you more contracts.

However, users have almost gone to esteem manhandling while excluding that it involves many people who want hundreds of others slaughtered. Husbands, lovers, stepmothers, exes, wives, and spouses were popular targets for those who sought revenge, sex, or money.

Another fact about the Hitman (scams or not) websites is they are sought out by ordinary people who are not gang members or politicians. The people who would once have been completely unable to extend to the underworld and outsource. Now their murderous desires feel that it is within their reach.

Let us move to the next section of the blog to know some cases that lead the user to prison to hire a hitman on darkweb.

British Citizen Jailed After Contracting Hitman on Hidden Wiki

British Citizen Jailed After Contracting Hitman on Hidden Wiki

Whitney Franks used the dark Web to murder a woman who worked with her in Sports Direct. The colleague was engaging in an affair with their boss, general manager James Prest.

Franks had offered £1000 to kill Rutt Ruutna on a Sinaloa cartel site, but she was arrested when authorities spotted her text. She posted her victim’s detail like her name, address, and social media details to find her so the contract killer would know where to find her.

However, the jury found her guilty of soliciting murder, as she competed for the affection of the sports director. Both women were aware that he had a long-term partner and 2 children aside from the affair he was having with each of them.

The jury intricate James in a relationship with the two women while having a partner and two kids. The jury found that the culprit engages in conversation “ I m looking for the murder of women. I have £1000, and I am willing to pay more”. The police were notified and moved to Ruttna, and she said, I have a guess who did this, and she named Whitney Franks.

Franks admits to using the hidden Wiki to get into the dark Web to hire a hitman. Moreover, her solicitation of a hitman was equal to attempting murder. Franks said the evidence at the trial was that the person she was dealing with was scammers, so no harm would ever come about.

The judge said her aim never became a reality. But accessing the dark Web to access Sinaloa Cartel to kill Ruttna is still serious enough to warrant a prison sentence.

Hence the judge sentenced Franks of Milton Keynes to 12 years of imprisonment. She must serve two-thirds of this sentence before she is appropriate for bail.

A Woman Hired Hitman on the Dark Web to Kill Ex-Husband

Kristy Lynn Felkins, who lives in Nevada, pleaded guilty to 5 years prison sentence. For accessing the Dark web service in the commission of Murder for hire to kill her ex-husband (Gebrail Scott). In 2016 Lynn sent 12 Bitcoin worth $5000 to the Besa Mafia website to hire a hitman via the Tor network using the Hidden Wiki.

Lynn exchanged texts with Besa Mafia for 4 months in 2016 and provided data about her ex-husband. Like address, vehicle, and time he left for work. She wanted the murder to look like an accident but did not agree to a $4000 upcharge. Lynn told the site administrator that she was in a position to benefit from her ex-husband’s death. However, Besa Mafia was a scam; no murder occurred, and Lynn never repaid Bitcoin she sent to the site.

Woman Found Guilty of Hiring Hitman on Dark Web Hidden Wiki

Woman Found Guilty of Hiring Hitman on Dark Web Hidden Wiki

Helen Hewlett of King’s Lynn in Norfolk paid £17000 to a dark website that offers contract killers that can access the hidden Wiki. She wants to kill a 50-year-old colleague Paul Belton whom she had become fascinated with after a brief fling. They both worked together at the Linda McCartney Frozen Food factory.

Hewlett orders in the dark Web, saying she wanted someone murdered, which appears like an accident. Belton said that Hewlett became obsessed with him then he moved to a nearby chocolate factory. Heewlwtt accused him of harassment, homophobia, and racial exploitation.

However, the court got that Hewlett gave the site Belton’s home and work address and personal data. The court also cleared Hewlett of stalking involving fear or violence to cause serious alarm. But she was charged guilty without serious distress.

How to Hire a Hitman on Hidden Wiki Dark Web

How to Hire a Hitman on Hidden Wiki Dark Web

In the early ban days of the Mafia business, a contracted hitman was pretty easy and inexpensive. As there did not have CCTV on every street corner, the tech was not advanced enough to pin someone to a crime. Some people can kill in their thoughts some kill in self-defense.

However, contracted hit was rarely put on a member of the public apart from a few notable occasions on the witness. But most contracted hits were mainly put on gangsters by gangsters.

But if someone is in your bad book, did someone rip you from a business deal? Or have you been hurt so badly that you want revenge? And you don’t have the heart to do it. Many people have been searching for where to hire a serial killer as it is difficult due to the means of reaching one.

So, follow the below-mentioned precautions before hiring a hit man on a hidden wiki via the dark Web.

Safety Measures to Take When Accessing Hidden Wiki

Safety Measures to Take When Accessing Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki directory is used to access sites like (Mexican Hitman) on the dark and deep Web. But if you are browsing the hidden Wiki, it is important to take precautions as the dark Web is dangerous.

Know all the Risks

There is a lot of illicit content on the dark Web, so if you are not careful, you could have a lot of misfortune. If you browse the dark Web or deep web sites, knowing all the risks involved in using it is important. The risks including

  • Malware and Viruses
  • Identify theft
  • Illegal activity
  • Personal data may get hacked, sold, leaked, and used
  • Device getting hacked
  • Money gets Stolen

Use Tor Browser

When users use a TOR browser, their traffic is routed via several nodes, making it difficult to track their online activities back to them. So, accessing the Tor network can make someone’s online activity hard to reach.

Use Caution when Browsing the Dark Web

There are many risks involved when browsing the dark Web, so if you use a hidden Wiki to hire a hitman, make sure you know what you are doing. Be careful about the links you click on, and don’t do anything that could put you at risk. Like downloading files or revealing your personal details.

Use VPN Service

For safety, users must consider a VPN that allows them to browse the internet anonymously while using the dark Web. Moreover, VPN service will encrypt users’ traffic and make it harder for anyone to track them. There are a lot of VPN services out there, so it is important to do your research and find one that is right for you.

Browse Sites You Trust

The hidden wiki directory has links to different websites; not all of them are safe and trustworthy. So before visiting any site on the dark Web, it is crucial to research and ensure you know what you are getting into.

Access the Dark Web to Hire Hitman via Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki can be accessed via the Tor network; users must download and install the TOR browser to open the site. Once they download and install the TOR browser, they can access the hidden Wiki by putting it. onion URL in the search bar. The hidden wiki websites are only reachable via the Tor browser as these sites use the. onion domain which can only be accessed by Tor.

However, Tor is free and open-source software that lets users browse the internet anonymously. When users use Tor, their internet traffic is routed through numerous different nodes, making it difficult for anyone to track online activity.

Once users have entered the hidden wiki directory, they will get a lot of dark Web and deep web links. Users can select the sites that we have mentioned in the next section. Users go to a trusted and specialized hire hitman site, view their requirements and details, and hire the Hitman.

Top 3 Sites to Hire Hitman on the Dark Web via Hidden Wiki

Hitman sites are illegal, and law enforcement and the FBI always try to shut them out. To avoid being shut down, hitmen sites are hosted on the dark Web and can be accessed with the Tor browser.

Remember that some contract hitman sites are under DDOS spells from law implementation. Which occasionally makes the sites sluggish and unreachable.

Below we have shared the top three websites that offer the services; hire a hitman on the dark Web via Hidden Wiki.

1.        Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia
  • The average Price to hire Hitman: $5000 to $20000
  • A person with armed: $60000 to $80000
  • Security: Escrow
  • Payment: Bitcoin
  • Advance: Zero percent
  • Communication: Encrypted

This website is a popular dark web marketplace and reputable that police are trying to scare people away by spreading false claims that they are fake. However, the site offers shot-and-run murder of the average person costs $5000. While killing a person who is carrying weapons or has a bodyguard can go up to $60000 depending on target difficulty.

Moreover, it offers built-in escrow that accepts external escrows with 0 percent advance and anonymous payment with Bitcoin (BTC). They won’t ask for customers’ details, and work is done in 7 to 14 days. If a user wants a service that looks like an accident, they can do it for $9000. The site has a built-in encrypted communication system lets customers talk to hitmen and admins.

2.        Mexican Hitman – Sinaloa Cartel

Mexican Hitman
  • Average Price: $10000 to $20000
  • The person with armed: above $60000
  • Security: Escrow
  • Payment: BTC
  • Advance: Zero percent
  • Communication:  Encryted

The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel site is for hiring a hitman that will find on a hidden Wiki. Its members offer users high-quality drugs, guns, and professional assault services under the protection of the deep Web and dark Web worldwide. Their members can kill anyone if they are not a president or a person guarded by a military.

However, they can make the murder look like accidental murder, kidnapping, beating, and setting fire to properties. At the same time, users will remain fully anonymous without providing their name, email, phone number, or address. Users have just to describe the work and the mark.

Furthermore, users can select their heavie, enforcer, goon, leg breaker, juice man, strongman, shylock, bagman, and repo man from a huge assortment of criminals. The payments are secured as they are made via Bitcoins; the site doesn’t ask for an advance. And the customer pays from the personal wallet after work.

3.        Destruction Network

Destruction Network
  • The average rate for hire hitman: $5000 to $20000
  • High profile case: Above $20000
  • Payment: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Communication: encrypted

The destruction network has experienced professionals offering customers hitman via hidden Wiki worldwide, except in Iran and North Korea. The killers are ex-military or ex-law enforcement and technology professionals.

The charges for hiring a hitman for a low-price case start at $5000, but for a high-profile case, murder will depend on a case basis. Furthermore site just not offers murder but also other services like kidnap, torture, and beheading without any questions. They just done the task and get paid wherever and whenever the mission calls.

Is Hidden Wiki Useful for the Dark Web?

Right now, there are 150 million plus page visits monthly in the hidden wiki directory. Here we have described the pros and cons of how convenient and safe this directory is for people interested in the dark Web and deep Web to hire hit men and whether it provides the users what they want.


Hidden Wiki is truthful

The hidden wiki directory has not been hacked or cooperated since its introduction. Once a user could access hidden wiki files containing hidden links that offer fake credentials, hire a hitman, drugs, weapons, and many more that ever created on this directory. At that time, there were 3500 entries, and that user then emailed people the hidden services address listed on the Hidden Wiki.

However, that user invited them to pay BTC if they wanted their site removed from the list. Ultimately that user claimed less than $300 worth of BTC. At the same time, that user gets more than 5 BTC for removing someone’s hidden service listing and manages to get bitcoins from 200 of them from 500 people.

Hidden Wiki is Safe

Hidden Wiki manager continuously cautions users that accessing hidden Wiki using TOR may be unsafe. In the meantime, hidden services are available via. onion addresses which anyone can run. The hidden wiki directory tries its best to avoid its users by cautioning visitors not to use their genuine email addresses when they get into the site.

Furthermore, many dark Web and deep web marketplaces need users’ recordkeeping. It means that they inquire individuals to deliver an email address.


Difficulty in finding links

The hidden wiki directory has over 4 hundred pages of categories and over 8 thousand links offering drugs, weapons, hire a hitman, and many more. It makes it hard to use this tool if one only has the link itself effectively. For instance, searching for scam-free hire for hitman sites instead of something that allows users to buy weapons sites.

Not easy to find

Another issue is that Google does not index hidden wiki services. As search engines frequently index web pages that are openly accessible. But hidden services can be accessed by simply typing their onion address into the browser. It means it is probable to type the hidden wiki address directly without hovering via the hidden wiki main page.

However, some hidden websites appear in the hidden wiki link directory that only displays when pressing CTRL and F keys at the same time. That lets the users quickly access dark and deep web websites using the hidden wiki program.

Outdated Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki lacks up-to-date data because this directory does not have any way for the members of public or dark web marketplace owners to update their site URLs. They must contact the hidden wiki administrator, who verifies the hidden services and documents them in this directory.

Summing Up

Users can access the dark Web and deep via hidden Wiki; they must use the TOR network to get access. However, the dark and deep web worlds have exploded, with many websites offering them. So Before using any service from the dark Web and deep Web, like buying drugs, hiring hitmen, or fake credentials, use the hidden Wiki.

In this post, we have shared the details about the hidden Wiki, contracting hitman on hidden Wiki, its pros and cons, and some cases that lead to the users getting imprisoned.

Let us know in the comment box if you know of any other cases that lead the users to get in prison for hiring a killer on the dark Web.