Stolen Credit Cards on Hidden Wiki Still a Thing?

Stolen Credit Cards on Hidden Wiki Still a Thing?

We all know that the Dark web is popular for hosting illegal activities, but users want to know if stolen credit cards on the hidden Wiki are still a thing. If so, then how can we get our hands on it?

However, it has been reported that millions of Americans have been the victim of credit card fraud, and it’s the probability that it could also happen to you. As criminals no longer want your physical credit card to commit fraud. In October 2022, a Dark web marketplace was giving away around 1.2 million credit card details.

This blog will let you know how criminals steal your cards, what they can do with them, and how you can secure yourself and your credit cards from criminals.

How Thousands of Cards Login’s & Details Landed on Dark Web

Since the Pandemic hit in 2020, a massive increase in the number of cards sold on the Darknet has been seen. Most of the credentials being traded on the Darknet are acquired by hackers, who get unauthorized access to several servers. The details are later sold on the Darkweb in Bitcoins. In some cases, Hackers demand the victims send money, and if a victim fails to fulfill the request usually leads to the exposure of the details.

Over the last 2 years, users’ credentials have been leaked and sold on the Darknet for as low as $10. Mostly data from the US and UK make up the biggest percentage of information being traded on the Dark web, from personal data over credit card details to SSN (social security number).

The Majority of details crowding on darknet markets is debit and credit card details. As per the 2021 report, more than 1.8 Million credit cards landed on Darknet, mainly from the United States and the United Kingdom. The stolen cards being sold contain all the important details of an online shop.

Fraudsters use different ways to steal details like targeting and force to ta[ malicious or fake links is the most useful tactic. These kinds of links are often sent through mail or message that puts malware on their systems. After putting the malware, the hackers can now easily track keystrokes.

Another way is through finding security flaws in retail or banking sites that show the theft of card credentials. Hackers are also experts in creating fake sites of authentic websites; this is currently the most efficient method because most users don’t know about it.

Precautions to Take Before Accessing Dark Web Markets

Accessing the dark web securely must be your first priority; here’s how you can secure your identity:
Install the Tor browser, and enhance its safety settings to the “safest” level.

  • Download a reliable VPN like NordVPN.
  • If you get NordVPN, you can use its “onion over VPN” for extra anonymity.
  • Remember, don’t use your real name, email, address, or any data.
  • Do not send money directly from your wallet to these darknet marketplaces’ payment addresses.

Note: the blog is only for educational purposes; we aren’t responsible for any of your actions.

Top Carding Platform on Darknet

Carding Platform on Darknet

Majority of people opt for Darkweb for its rich services and goods, in which users mostly ask for carding and other financial services. This section will let you dive into the best carding platforms trading stolen debit cards, credit cards, CVVs, and more.

  • Brian’s Club

It’s an all-purpose black carding shop with different features; you will encounter CC dumps, including billing addresses and zip codes. You can also purchase credit cards such as CCV2 credentials, and it also allows you to do SSN and DOB lookups.

Moreover, the platform also offers an automatic loan or credit request system where any person takes the chance to win a great amount of money. However, to access the sites, you have to register yourself and make your Account. After registering, your Account remains inactive until you deposit the first balance.

  • Real And Rare Card Shop

The Real and Rare carding shop has been stable since its creation, offering many card packages. Also, this platform lets anyone sell their credit cards for a one-time fee of $100. As an additional benefit, the site offers a referral program that every customer is signed up for automatically and gives you the capability to earn money.

  • Valid Dumps

Valid dumps carding market on Darknet mostly specializes in dumps along with CVVs. The site also lets you purchase mix packs and participate in special auctions. To register, you have to state both an email address and a jabber Account, while the fields are necessary to fill, as they are not used for verification, so that you can add fake or dummy addresses. Once registered, you can access the site.

  • CVV Union Card Shop

CVV Union is a simple darknet market with a comprehensive database interface that you may use to display a variety of different queries. Once registered, you can use the search bar to access the database. You can narrow down a list by filtering the cards that include SSN, DOB, contact number, driver’s license, and other details.

Moreover, users can also search for certain card levels, such as Gold, Black, Platinum, or Company, which greatly impact the available cash limits. Hence, this is one of the great card stores if you are looking for highly particular card attributes.

  • EuroDollars Carding Market

Eurodollar is a massive market specializing in credit cards issued by the EU and US. Only first-hand CCs are traded on Eurodollars, and the site also provides daily updates where you can get details about CVV, CC, Fullz, SSN, DOB, and IP.

To access the site, you have to register yourself. Once get registered, search the database and find your desired item. If, in any case, your purchased card seems to have a “not valid status,” try2check, the card checker used by Eurodollars, instantly holds refunds. But remember that all cards have only five minutes to get a refund, so you must check them out immediately after the purchase.

  • has continuously grown and become a prominent CVV shop in the dark web market. The market is popular for offering high-quality services and commitment to be updated as per the latest trends. The market offers a huge range of products, including CVVs, non-VBV bins, and high-quality checkers.

Moreover, the shop also offers a money-back guarantee, which creates trust among the consumers and offers affordable CVVs services.

  • Gonzo-CC

The Gonzo-CC is an open market where criminals can trade stolen credit card details, including CVV and credit card dumps. The site regularly updates the fresh card data, which makes it a legitimate platform with so much popularity.

  • Ultimate Shop

It is a dark market with an amazing interface and extensive search form. The content is categorized into Dumps with Pins, Dumps, CCV, and Fulls. In every category, you can search for a particular content with a lot of options.

The platform updates its content daily at 10 am Eastern Standard Time; they also claim a minimum valid rate between 70% and 80%. So if you are looking to buy credit cards in bulk, then UltimateShop is the best option because it offers saving on such purchases.

  • CrdPro

It is one of the main carding forums on the dark web, with around 500,000 registered members and 10,000 daily users. You’ll encounter a huge variety of dumps to cash out services. The site has an easy-to-use interface, so anybody can easily browse and register. It has also sections for Bank transfers, Money transfers, carding shops, Gift card codes, and Accounts for sale.
Further, CrdPro provides daily updates, and all their topics have different engagements, which shows the authenticity of the platform.

  • SwipeStore Card Shop

SwipeStore carding store sells CVV-enabled credit cards along with dumps and dump packs. Moreover, it lets users use the integrated credit card checker to confirm the validity of any credit card. Users can contact support teams for queries using the built-in ticket system, a jabber account, ICQ, or Telegram.

How to Buy Stolen Credit Cards on Darkweb

How to Buy Stolen Credit Cards on Darkweb

If you want to buy credit cards on the Darkweb, avoiding mistakes that could lead you into trouble is essential. The mistakes might include using Chrome as your browser, not using VPN, giving authentic details, and more. To ensure your security, using secure methods while browsing dark web markets is important.

Alert: you have used certain techniques that need no OTP, but keep in mind that this method is also unsafe, as Banks can monitor credit card authorization procedures and identify any fraudulent activity.

Follow the below steps to buy stolen cards on the Darknet:

  • First, install the Tor browser to access the deep or dark web.
  • Check the legitimate marketplaces that we have mentioned above that sell stolen cards.
  • Select a vendor that has positive reviews and high ratings.
  • Communicate with the seller and accept the price and payment way.
  • When you get the credit card details, check it out by making a purchase. If the card works, you can use it.
  • If, in any case, the card doesn’t work or is invalid, you can appeal for a refund from the seller.

Alert: taking necessary security measures is essential, as buying a stolen credit card is illegal and can lead to several consequences.

The Dark Side of Purchasing Stolen Credit Cards on Darknet Marketplaces

However, purchasing credit cards on the dark web can be enticing as well as dangerous. It is essential to note that engaging in such activities is prohibited and can lead to serious consequences. Although, if you still want to buy, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • First, make sure you use an anonymous and safe connection to access the dark web.
  • Second, be careful of any sites or vendors providing credit cards at cheap rates. These are likely fake or scams.
  • Third, use cryptocurrency or other anonymous payment to avoid leaving a trace.
  • Last, it is necessary to highlight that buying stolen credit cards is a severe crime and may put your life at risk. So it’s best to avoid such things that lead to serious consequences.

Stolen Credit Card Worth on Dark Web

Fraudsters are not picky about what they steal; whether it’s your social media logins or bank details, they can sell them on the dark web with a profit. Massive amounts of credit card details are sold on Darknet, especially the US cardholders.

However, credit card cloning is so widespread that more than 1.6 Million card numbers are for sale on the Darknet.

If you are wondering how much a stolen credit card is worth? As per the reports of NordVPN, the average stolen credit card cost is $10 to $25, and most are from US citizens, and the most significant cards for fraudsters are Visa Debit cards, followed by American Express and Mastercard.

Moreover, it has also been said that prices for stolen credit card numbers vary, and Paypal accounts data are more in demand and have huge prices. And the stolen information differed in terms of the information offered, as some had SSNs, names, and addresses, while other more wide packages came with utility bills, bank statements, or driver’s license numbers.

Unfortunately, the United States takes the lead in a number of categories of trade on the Darknet. More than one-third of all the stolen cards found on the dark web came from the US. Regrettably, the United States leads several of the report’s categories. The researchers discovered that over thirty percent of the stolen credit cards on Dark Web platforms originated from the US, with no other nation even coming close.

How to Secure Your Credit Card from Being Stolen

How to Secure Your Credit Card from Being Stolen

There are various steps you can take to avoid your credit card from being stolen. The first thing is to keep an eye on your belonging when you are in public. However, credit card theft usually steals only a credit card number as opposed to the physical card itself. You can help prevent this by following the below guidelines:

  • Ensure Devices you keep your Credit Card Number on are Password Protected. In any case, losing your smartphone and it has your credit card details may create an issue. So always keep your device password protected to stay vigilant.
  • Try not to put your credit card on a website that doesn’t begin with “Https.”
  • Never enter your credit card details while using an unsecured internet connection. For instance, you go to a café and use their Wifi. So try avoiding being a victim by not using public wifi.
  • Avoid giving out your credit card details in response to a spontaneous email, text, or phone call.
  • Always remove your credit card details from the e-commerce site to decrease the risk of falling victim to a data breach.
  • The best way to secure credit card fraud is by keeping close attention to your accounts.

However, you should implement these points to secure your credit card from fraudulent purchases every month. This will not completely prevent your card from being stolen, but It will alert you to take immediate action and avoid more financial damage.

How Credit Card Details Get Stolen

Hackers use different ways to steal credit cards, so here we have mentioned the most common ways:

Data Breaches

Lots of businesses, institutions, and banks can be at risk of targeted data breaches that put your credit card details and other personal credentials at risk. And these stolen cards find their way to darknet markets, where they sell. Cybercriminals target different sources, including databases, and payment processing systems, to steal cards.

Phishing Scams

Phishing emails usually look like authentic sites, but these fraudulent messages or emails have malicious links. Many phishing emails try to get you to tap an option or link that takes you to a known-looking scam site to enter your account details.

Phishing emails may also direct you to tap the link or download a file containing spyware, which hackers can use to export your card credentials. Another trick is to offer an urgent and completely bogus reason that you have to call your credit company or s social security office. The email will offer a list of fraudulent contact numbers and, when you call, request to know your personal details and even your card details to verify your identity.

Public Wifi

The free wifi networks you encounter in hotels, malls, and airports can put you at risk if you enter your account details or open sensitive documents and someone monitors the network. So, download a VPN on your system if you have to use the internet away from home.

ATM Skimming

Credit card skimming is an old and well-known offline method used by criminals to steal personal details. Like card readers at ATMs, gas station pumps, and other public stores can be tampered with to add skimming devices. These readers can collect and share the payment details with hackers, who clone the cards and use them as they see fit.

Steps to take instantly if your Credit Card is Stolen

People must take necessary precautions to secure their credit to minimize the risk of becoming fraud victims. But if your card details have been stolen, follow the guidelines below to restrict your exposure to fraud.

Contact Credit Card Issuer

When you come across any fraudulent activity on your credit card account, you should immediately contact your card issuer by calling the number on the back of your card. When waiting to contact a representative, check online or through the issuer’s phone app to see if you can lock or freeze the card access. This stops someone from making any transactions with your card.

After that, speak to a card representative and tell them the situation that your Account was compromised; then they will cancel the card and mail you a new card with a new Account. Although the new card will take up to 8-10 days to arrive, you cannot use the old one while waiting for a new one.

Update your Login Details

If you think your card details have been stolen, update your Password, username, or PIN to avoid further damage. This can prevent hackers from accessing your details and protect your Account.

Check Your Credit Card Statement

After reporting fraud to the card issuer, you must regularly check your Account to ensure there are no extra transactions. Regularly track your card statement so you can suspect scams. Credit cards are the most common targets for cybercriminals, and that will not change anyway soon.


Q. What determines the value of a credit card number?

The worth of a stolen credit card depends on many aspects. If a number is packed with other credentials that facilitate identity theft, including the name, address, or SSN, then it’s worth much more. Moreover, high-limit premium card numbers are worth more than European numbers and cards recently stolen and valid.

Q. does law enforcement shutting down dark web markets?

Law enforcement agencies actively monitor the dark sites and work with other authorities to remove these illegal markets. In the last few years, the authorities have taken down the biggest darknet markets, including Silk Road, hydra, alphabay, and Empire Market.


Are users curious about the stolen cards on the hidden wiki still a thing? Despite the law enforcement struggles, the trading of stolen cards continues to increase on the darknet markets. If you are looking for any dark web market that trades stolen cards, read the article, as we have mentioned the most famous carding platforms.

However, there is no way to protect credit cards, so it’s essential to be vigilant and act as quickly as possible. By implementing the precautions mentioned in the article, you can secure yourself from becoming a victim.