The Hidden Wiki: Dive into the Hidden World

What is The Hidden Wiki? In this article, you will get to know what is and what are the curious information it hosts.

Imagine a Wikipedia page, where all the important and relevant information is listed to guide you on whatever topic you want. Now that is what The Hidden Wiki is. But there is one tiny difference: it’s on the deep web.

What is The Hidden Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki is the site where links to several websites are listed that are hosted on the deep web. These websites are mainly illegal that is related to illegal drugs, stolen weapons, and child pornography. Access to is not simple as a Google search or as simple as tying www on the address bar. Access to the ‘deep web’s Wikipedia’ can be through some special, secret software such as the Tor browser.

Furthermore, the web address listed on the ‘deep Wiki’ can change from time to time. But you can find these websites by entering search words in the Tor browser.

The Hidden Wiki lurks deep inside the deep level of the Internet. In there, from criminals to mercenaries, weapons to hackers all are available to the highest bidder.

It is the smaller part of a bigger thing called the Deep Web. That is the place where the ‘websites you do not find on Google.

Do Sites Work on the Hidden Wiki?

You can find a range of Hidden Wiki websites on Tor because every new website of it opening every day. But not all of these sites have working, active links to other websites. Some are broken, blocked, or removed.

What is Inside this Dark Deep Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki is a get-all term for wikis website that resists censorship. In the browser of Tor. It can be accessed, edited, and replace easily by anyone anonymously. The main landing page hosted the links to the websites which direct the users to several. onion sites.

What Can You Find On The Hidden Wiki?

Things you can find on Hidden wiki

The hidden wiki is a popular site that provides a directory for different services. Because of its anonymity, The site has links to various services and sites available on the darknet, both legal and illegal. Some things you can find on the hiddenwiki are illegal marketplaces of weapons, drugs or stolen data, different anonymous communication platforms like chat rooms and forums, and hacking websites and tools.

Moreover, it also includes crypto services that provide anonymous transactions, illegal hosting services sites, and so much more. But it is essential to know that some of the content on the hidden wiki is legal in certain ways, but it is mostly connected with illegal stuff. So it is always recommended to use precaution before accessing any hidden wiki links.

How to Avoid Scam Websites of Wiki?

Hidden wiki scams

There are tons of scams when it comes to the HiddenWiki.

So, the question here arises how do you find the right website?

Don’t fret!

We have searched for you the right Wikis, including on sites like Ahamia, DuckDuckGo, Onionland Search, and Tor66.

After a rigorous search, we have found out a total of 48 internet sites, and 46 are running well. With 40 onion services also active.

Why are these Deep Wikis all over the place?

There are many reasons behind it. But the most prominent one is the name ‘The HiddenWiki’ drives traffic; meaning—more money. However, some people are doing this for the greater good such as to spread information where censorship dominates. Or just simply collecting valuable links to store in one place for users to find easily. But, on the other hand, some possess ill-intent. They can vary like scamming users for their favors.