What is a Red Room on the Deep Web

What is a red room on the deep web? It’s curious to know what is inside it. The RedRoom is supposed to be a “myth” & “urban legend,” You will be told this by everyone who hasn’t been on the RedRoom deep web. Redroom is a site or forum where the user is shown a video on his request. It mainly contains explicit harassment and torture of the subject by some individuals with evil intentions.

However, contrary to popular belief, let me tell you, they exist! Please read the given below the points. And these points will provide you with a complete idea about the pain room and how you can safely join and make it safe in the pain room. And I will also provide you with every small and single point about the escape room on the deep web. If you are a beginner in the pain room, I suggest you rather than without a direct visit to the escape room.

About Darknet Red Rooms

The RedRoom is also known as the red hall of Pain & darkest part of the darknet. Where the live streamers can ask and watch anything from the person to torture the blindfolded men or women via an online connection. Moreover, users are able to view live streaming of awful things such as rape, murder, human experimentation and torture.

In other words, red rooms are the live streaming onion or shadow sites with the option of live IRC chats along with the Bitcoin payment. As soon as the money is transferred to the owner, he will start making torture according to instructions. While if the customer pays up, they will be able to type the

The escape room is not safe for people because it exists like a dark place on the deep web. And everybody should avoid it. A few members of the deep web who loves to watch the torture, the blood, and the horror screaming that melts the heart. However, the viewers pay more money to the people to get tortured. And these things are just entertainment for the people. According to the author of the silk road, streaming torture and murder videos of a person is just for entertainment purposes for others as per the typing instruction of the viewer.

How Does the Viewer Interact with the Red Room?

Here are the following steps that will guide you on the viewer connection to the RedRoom.

 Interact with the Red Room
  • Log into a RedRoom and see the harassment scenario (a blindfolded woman is being tied to a rope with a chair).
  • Once the RedRoom gets locked, it begins the cruelty of physics.
  • In the Crime Scenario, the webcam will be placed for sure, and this will reflect actions according to the chats on IRC.

Sending the Interaction Link to the User

  • The viewer will send the electronic mail id to the web owner. Then, the web owner will send the link to the person, and the person will pay the charges.
  • The user will pay the money, and the user will get access to entering the web.
  • Now the user will use the given password. And a live cam show will be shown to the viewer where the other person’s face will be covered with a mask. And then he will show the subjects.
  • Often, users will want some action taken against subjects, including torture, cutting body parts, and even death by torture.

The higher the torture you will see, the higher you have to pay them. I have encountered two cases of real red room on the deep web. The first is ISIS announcing that they will behead the Turkish soldier on some specific date and time live on television. The 2nd case is known as “The Daisy Destruction.” And it’s been called one of the most horrific cases of child abuse we have seen so far. Another is even more horrific than this.

Furthermore, the escape room members will decide that woman’s fate. And You are not prohibited from entering RedRoom. But I will not recommend you do so, as your presence there indirectly connects it to a Public Virtual Crime.

What Is Shown on the Red Room Deep Web?

The RedRoom is known as the video portal, where you can expect to watch any kind of videos out there that are related to imposing pain on others. It is a kind of more advanced real-time deep web market for criminally intentions videos. Here is the list of videos shown on the RedRoom deep web.

Red Room Deep Web

1) Child Pornography

Now, where do you child pornography find a video which is not available on the deep web? It deserves a special type of case for people involved in child pornography. But most normal and sensible people would not go for it. Therefore, the reason is child pornographic material is banned from most of the deep web markets.

Child pornography includes the following subjects:

  • Torture could physically harm the child and take aggressive pleasure from their unbearable pain.
  • Rape – sexually attacking the child that is regardless of their gender (male or female).
  • Non–Activity – it’s a special type of pornography where no sexual activity is done over there. The victim has just tied a know the child to the bed or chair without any clothes, and a camera stream is playing and watched by an audience.

2) Murder

To watch the murder, you have to pay a higher amount to kill or torture a specific person. And you can either watch a random guy killing Infront of your screen. This act can be watched through the streaming in the murder room. You can also choose categories from such red room video streaming as slow death, neck slicing, and other unthinkable approaches to killing a person. However, it is believed that the killer takes orders from like-minded people and shows them.

3) Rape

If you saw child pornography or murder and it was not enough for you, then rape is another option for you. You can also demand it because it is a service of the RedRoom on the deep web.

Rape has not followed the gender; it can happen to any person. Both men and women can be victimized, and video is recorded for the viewer’s entertainment. Again, rape also has various categories, so you can imagine ways to impose sexual pain on a person. And everything is going through your brain right now, so it is said to be possible and shown in the RedRoom.

4) General Torture

There is also a general video that is available for you on the red room, and you can see it by paying a decent amount. The general torture includes pulling off the nails, slicing the tongue, scooping out eyes, and much more. And these are the torturing things that fall under the severe painful category.

5) Chat

One of the few red rooms facilitates the chat option if you are not interested in the video. You can connect with your like-minded people over there without see-through your identity. However, you better know it’s hard to find like-minded people in the world on your own. You have to struggle to find like-minded people who should be available on social media. And these people fall under the different “sadistic” categories.

Is It Illegal to Access Red Room?

Deep web red room

Yes, it is totally a crime and illegal to use for everyone. Therefore, using a deep web and using the Tor browser and VPN is recommended to be safe. Many people stated that if you don’t take security measures or if you do and are caught by someone. You will be charged with the crime as a result of not only failing to report the crime but also encouraging its prosecution.

Furthermore, the RedRoom belongs to the Japanese internet legend about a pop-up that appears on the victim’s computer. The pop-up notification shows a red door and a recorded voice asking the victim, “Do you like the RedRoom.” As long as the recorded voice message has not been delivered, this pop-up message will continue to appear on the victim’s computer. People who have seen the pop-up message are found dead with their walls covered in their own blood.

The Deep Web Red Room Pricing Plan

Red rooms only accept the bitcoin payment method. And that is so obvious that bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the market, which is untraceable. So, you can make payments without risking your identity. And simultaneously, the administrator at the RedRoom can accept the payments without being worried about law enforcement problems.

Furthermore, a few red rooms may also take other cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR) or Ethereum (ETH). On the other side, the packages vary based on the individual platform, and few platforms have a single package for everyone. While above is shown in the steps that the different packages have different access levels.


The RedRoom is just like the video streaming portal where you can watch any video you want to see, like child pornography, rape, murder, and much more, with multiple categories. You just need a bitcoin cryptocurrency to buy a streaming video, but this is for particular people interested in it. Hope this article will be helpful for you. Let us know in the comment if you have ever tried RedRoom for you just to see how it works.