What are the Top Dark Web Forums Links?

What are the Top Dark Web Forums Links

What are some of the best forums links on the dark web?

Well, there are many…

But in this post, we have curated a list of top-performing forums links for you to find in one place.

Dark Web Forums Overview

The popularity of the dark web ballooned in recent times. People are getting more into technology and getting familiar with it. The rise of the dark web is understandable. Many seek privacy, which is a cornerstone of the dark web; others use it to defy censorship in their respective countries.

But on the other hand, the dark web has also become the go-to place for criminal activities. The site is teeming with hackers who can phish you in a jiff. Moreover, there are forums out there indulging in hate speech, cyber-attacks, and whatnot.

Reasons: Why You Should Use Dark Forums Links

The first is security. On these dark web forums, multiple individuals are involved in the correspondence whose nature is threatening. For security reasons, it is a better way to monitor these activities.

Many OSINT tools can also provide help in tracking these web forums. The Signal is OSINT, where dark web forum activities can be monitored efficiently. But for dark web users, these dark web forums are the platform where they can express themselves freely.

I) 8chan 


Launched in 2013, 8chan is an online message board. The site is a free speech absolutist by allowing the posting of extremist content and graphic content without censoring them. The website is often linked to controversies, especially related to violent extremists. The founder of 8chan is not the chief of the site anymore and has called for its closure due to incidents related to fatalities tied to his site.

II) Dread

Dread: forums links

Dread is a forum where it very much aligns with the functions of Reddit. Much like 8chan, it also has discussion boards of the same community. Dread’s site takes inspiration from Reddit regarding Reddit’s functions of sub-communities and user moderation to apply in its area. These functions taken from Reddit by Dread are applied without using any JavaScript. The main aim of Dread is to provide a censorship-free forum.

III) CryptBB

CryptBB forums links

Starting in 2017, CryotBB is a forum for hacking where there is a strict policy of selection. And only members who are interviewed rigorously are allowed on the site. Not to mention, the site is looking to form a new section where it is fewer restrictions on admission.

IV) Nulled

Nulled: forums links

It is another forums links where it boasted a rock-solid membership of 3 million. The site is mainly engaged in conversations related to cybercriminals exchanging information on sensitive leaked subjects. Nulled was monitored by law enforcement for a while and busted its operation in a raid in 2016. The site is currently ongoing with a few tweaks to get it back online.

Other Dark Web Forums Links

  • Tor Chan
  • Anonymous Forum
  • Pedo Support Community
  • SuprBay
  • IntelExchange
  • Nntpchan
  • 0Day
  • Hidden Answers
  • French Deep Web
  • The Explosive and Weapon Forums
  • Wall Street
  • DBA Forum
  • The unethical Forum


Q1: What are dark web forums?

Dark web forums are online discussion platforms hosted on the dark web, a hidden part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. These forums can discuss various topics, including illicit activities, cybersecurity, politics, etc. Users can remain anonymous and communicate with each other through encrypted channels, making it difficult for law enforcement or other parties to monitor their activities.

Q2: How do dark web forum links work?

Dark web forum links allow users to access the forum website through the Tor network, a free and open-source software that enables anonymous communication. To access a dark web forum, users need to download and install the Tor browser and then use a specific URL or onion link to access the forum.

Q3: What risks and precautions are associated with accessing dark web forums?

Accessing dark web forums can be risky, as they often host illegal and harmful content, such as drugs, weapons, and other illicit activities. Users may also be vulnerable to cyber attacks or scams and surveillance by law enforcement or other parties.

To stay safe while using dark web forums, it is recommended to use a reputable VPN, keep your antivirus software up to date, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and not provide any personal information. It is also important to note that accessing and using dark web forums for illegal activities is a crime and can lead to serious consequences.