Top 10 Dark Web Book Links Of 2024

Do you like to read books and look for some dark web book links? You are at the right place, where you can find out tested and active darkweb book links. But sometimes, I would recommend that a few links are not working stage, so ignore those links and go for another available link.

Before using any web, make sure you are connected with the Tor browser. Furthermore, if you are not a new person on the dark web, you already know which links are working and any link does not work without the Tor browser, so you can’t access the dark web links. The article will guide you more about the multiple darkweb book links.

Note: I am sharing these darkweb book links just for knowledge purposes. I don’t recommend visiting them because it may cause harm or damage. Therefore, it’s your choice and risk.

What Is the Legality of These Dark Web Book Links?

This section should be clear and continue before jumping on to the darkweb book links. I think these dark web books are illegal, but there is no evidence of legality. As dark web book libraries are updated often and entirely at the site’s discretion.

Although, these books can be downloaded, shared, and used to share pirated books and their ideas. That’s why the material of the book may be illegal. Additionally, I have mentioned that – illegal books may be uploaded according to the nature of the dark web.

10 Best Darkweb Book Links for Reading Lovers

Dark web book links

Here is the following sites on the dark web book links that will help you gain more knowledge; if you are interested, visit these darknet book links, so visit them and explore.

1: Bibliomaniac

Onion Link:mx7rwxcountermqh 

This website is perfect for those who enjoy reading deep web books. There is a Tor directory for darkweb book links on this site. They keep updating their database with book onion links. Many onion links have large collections of books. So, try it once for yourself.

2: Index of/Library

Onion Link: libraryqtlpitkix/library

This index of/ library is the simplest deep web book link; it’s more of a file directory than a website. The parent directory has multiple subjects such as chemistry, computing, physics, space, fiction, games, and more. Anybody can upload multiple books on a server that they can download in a single click. There is no interface/button or any other graphical interface available.

3: Liberated Books & Papers

Onion Link: 52wdeibt3ivmcapq

This is another dark web book download site with a basic interface. It focuses primarily on hard-to-find and rare books rather than just commercial ones, as the name implies. In addition to being a directory, it does not contain any visual elements. A wide variety of books are available on evolution, venom, animals, religion, etc. Two download links are available for each book, one for BibTeX and one for one-click downloading. There is no need to register, sign up, or pay.

4: Calibre Web

Onion Link: 5h5ps743nnqsjq4l

Calibre web offer a graphical interface & thumbnail for all the books, and this web basically offers commercially successful authors and books. Additionally, books can be downloaded or read on the web. These books are also available on Amazon, so you can buy them and review them there.

5: Bible4U Book Library

Bible4U Book Library

Onion Link:https://bible4u2lvhacg4b3to2e2veqpwmrc2c3tjf2wuuqiz332vlwmr4xbad.onion/

As you already know, it’s a darkweb book link for the bible that connects to the Tor browser and grants many people access. Additionally, if you know that the bible is illegal in your country, don’t worry – you can read it online from here and download it.

The bible is available in 20 different languages, and you can also choose dozen over different translations that include Darby, NET, Webster, Geneva, and many others. Additionally, you can also choose from one of the many books such as John, Nahun, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and many more. The site is 100% free, completely anonymous, and does not need any registration.

6: The Anarchist Library

Onion Link:http://libraryqxxiqakubqv3dc2bend2koqsndbwox2johfywcatxie26bsad.onion/special/index

This Anarchist web has about 12255+ books listed as of today, and the list of books has no thumbnails. Therefore, you have to check the available data to download the correct book. Each list includes the author’s name, release year, several topics covered in the book, and much more.

The book can be downloaded in different formats, including PDF, HTML, plain text, ePUB, and more. This site is also 100% free and requires no registration. No specialized reader is available on the site. Although, you can read the book manually by scrolling.

7: The Comic Book Library

Comic book library

Onion Link:http://nv3x2jozywh63fkohn5mwp2d73vasusjixn3im3ueof52fmbjsigw6ad.onion/

This web is going towards the comic books, and it has 2843 books that contain book filtering by using the title, publisher’s name, creator, year, and more. These cannot be read on the site; you must download them. Furthermore, all comics are downloaded with one click, and no signing up or payment is required to move forward. If you are in the random fun stage, click on its random button that gives you comics at random. And you will be delighted if you have a crunch for vintage comics.

8: Z-Library

This is the oldest, most well-known, well-stocked, and the best structured dark web book link, in my opinion. It has almost over 10,166,900 books in its collection today. Also, it has a list of hosts article and contains 84,837,646 articles, which is likely to be a huge number as far as the darknet book links go.

The site needs signing up; it provides 5 free downloads every day. However, the paid plan provides more downloads, faster speeds, download history access, etc. Hence, this is the best darknet library; you can search for books using the names ISBN, md5, publisher name, etc.

9: Imperial Library

After Z-library, it is the one library that looks a bit professional. As of now, it has around 1413466 books. However, theirs is a simple search bar where you can search and include a photo of the book’s cover. This assists you in downloading the correct book.

You don’t have to register yourself in this library. And most of the books are available in English. You can encounter two options for every listed book “download/read it.” tapping on read opens the book in the imperial library’s book reader. It has an index that helps you directly skip some chapters of the book.

10: MEGA

Mega is likely a cloud storage/file-sharing service such as Drive. Within a particular folder on MEGA are books related to hacking, which can be freely downloaded since the folder is available to the public.

You can download the files as a ZIP folder or add them to your MEGA cloud storage. MEGA also provides a preview feature that lets you view a book’s sample pages before downloading.