How to Find a Hacker on the Dark Web?

how to find a hacker on the dark web

How to find a hacker on the dark web?

This is the most asked question on the darknet. First, you need to access the dark web first. Two things will get you there: VPN and Tor browser. Because none of your typical web browsers will make it through the wall of the dark web due to the dark web being the area that is not available to typical search engines to access and only special, anonymous tools like Tor can access it.

On the other hand, VPN, or Virtual Private Network is software that ensures the connection is safe via encryption. So, it is strongly recommended to access the dark web; a mixture of both VPN and Tor browser is required.

Dark Web and Hackers

When you are up to finding a hacker on the dark web but this question naturally arises why do we need to use both the VPN and Tor browser there?

The answer to that is safety. The dark web is filled with uncharted spots and ill-intent individuals readying to trap you in a jiff. These two components TOR and VPN help you to hide your IP i.e., your internet identity on the internet. Hence, you are protected from the cybercriminals out there lurking on the dark web.

How to Find & Hire Hacker on the Dark Web

Hire Hacker on the Dark Web

There are plenty of sites where you can find and hire a hacker. One is Hacker’s Bay. It is a group of highly-specialized hackers who can hack into almost anything. They can get through highly-secured firewalls with ease and can get you effective results.

On the other hand, Pseudo Hacker brings a more conventional set of abilities to the hacking sector where they focus on the security companies’ breaches.

But there are other sites too, which are giving exceptional services. So, to get them first active a VPN, especially a premium one to make your security fool-proof. Then, go for the Tor browser that will lead you into the world of the dark web.

The more security the better. That is the most common thing you will hear on the dark web. Ergo, to make your security airtight, disconnect every external device, and end the open software and applications. Additionally, black-taped the webcam and muted the audio system for safety precautions. Hence, in this way you can be protected both digitally and non-digitally way.

DefCon is also another major website where you can know all the hacking-related information in no time. There are more websites to look up for the hacking services on the dark web. From there, make this thing certain to mask your identity at all costs and take down the hackers’ contact to get connected with them.


It is one of the well-known hacking forums on the deep web because it has everything you can look for. However, you’ll have to request access to join the forum. After verification, you will be approved by a moderator. There are other types of services & information to read and research.

Hack5 Forums

It is another type of hacker forum, as it was initiated and run by other hackers. You can join this forum from anywhere, as it is the most active forum on the deep web.

Exploits Database

Exploits Database is the most frequently visited hacker forum on the Darkweb. It is a 100% lawful community where individuals can acquire and compile data on recognized weaknesses in computer systems and networks, which others may use to safeguard their systems against potential hacks.