How to Access the Tor Network From Android

If you are a fan of the dark web, you may want to learn how to access the Tor network from your Android device. While Tor has been around for quite some time, it was only recently made available for mobile devices. To access the Tor network from your Android device, you must have a browser based on the Tor network and a Tor plugin. The Tor dark web browser will isolate your browsing activities so that your IP address and other details are not accessible to others. You can download the Orbot application from the Android Market.

Once you have both installed, you can begin accessing the Tor network. First, you need to download the Tor browser for Android from the Google Play store. You can also download the Orbot application, which works as a proxy and connects you to the Tor network.

In the future, a stable version of the Android Tor app will remove this application. After downloading the Tor browser, click on the “Connect” button in the top right corner. You will then be redirected to a page where you can view the Tor network’s website. Once connected, you can browse the web without any ads, while you can browse anonymously here.

Tor is free software that allows you to browse the web anonymously. It disguises your IP address by directing your web traffic through a volunteer overlay network. Tor also blocks third-party trackers, ads, and cookies. Once you sign out, the browser automatically deletes cookies so no one can monitor your browsing activities. The Tor app for Android app is currently in alpha form, but you can download the beta version to try it out for yourself.

Choose the Best Version of Tor Network

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Tor browser is one of the known browsers used for dark web access, and most people use this network to drive the websites on a regular basis on their computers. But if you want to use the tor network on Android, you can use it correctly because everything runs smoothly on mobile due to size.

In addition, the android version of the tor browser has existed recently, and the tor project released its first official android version of the Tor browser, but it’s not the only option. You have to find out which one is best for you from the given browser, such as Orfox, Orbot, IP2, and the official Tor browser. 

What Are Orbot/ OrFox & 12P?

These are multiple versions of Tor browsers that you can use to connect through the websites, so you can determine which browser is best for you.

1: Orbot

If you would like to browse the deep web privately, you will want to download the Orbot app. This application will use the Tor network’s volunteer relay network to encrypt your traffic. This makes it impossible for anyone to trace you online. Using an Orbot application will also make all your apps private. Orbot can also be used as a replacement for Orfox. The best part is that Orbot is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Furthermore, you just need to download the Orbot Proxy app from the Google Play Store to access the Tor network from Android. It’s simple to install and use the app. Once the app is installed, you can simply turn it on by pressing the power button within the app. After a short period, the Orbot icon turns green, and data traffic filtering is enabled.

After installing the Orbot app, you must connect to the Tor network. Once connected, you will see a globe icon in your notification bar. Select the Orbot app and open it. Once you have installed it, open it. This will allow you to route traffic through the Tor network. Then, you can begin using the Orbot app to surf the Internet anonymously. This method is recommended if you’re concerned about privacy.

2: OrFox

When you want to browse the deep web anonymously, you can use the Orbot app and Orfox browser. However, to truly access the Tor network on Android, you must force your apps to use the Tor network. To do this, you can set up a firewall on your device called Orwall. This firewall will force all or selected apps to use the Tor network or block them altogether. When a browser cannot use the Tor network, it will block access to the Internet.

Once you have set up your browser to use the Tor network, you can start exploring. If you are running Or web on your device, you can switch to Orfox by downloading the app. The browser will replicate the WebView component on Android devices, but it will replicate only the tweaks that can reduce fingerprinting. You can also download Orfox from the Google PlayStore. There’s no setup required, and you can start surfing the deep web anonymously as soon as you install it.

3: I2P

If you want to use I2P on your Android device, you can install the Java-based I2P router. I2P runs quietly in the background and can be accessed with a web browser at But just because your device is configured to use I2P does not mean that all applications are using it. You will need to set up your browser to use I2P to browse the Internet. However, you will encounter an error message when you try to browse the Internet using I2P.

I2P is a popular network protocol used for anonymity and privacy. It offers end-to-end encryption for emails, web pages, and torrent downloads. Because the data is encrypted end-to-end, only the destination node can decrypt it. This means that anyone who sees the traffic will be unable to identify who sent it or received it. I2P users are part of a small community of users who want to use the network anonymously.

Final Words

Using Tor on your Android device, you can access the dark web using a browser that is compatible with the Tor browser, like Orfox. But first, you must install the Tor browser application from the Play Store. After downloading, open the app and start exploring the dark websites. Always remember to use VPN along with the Tor network to explore deep web.