Is PayPal Really Anonymous on the Dark Web?

The dark web has become a popular platform for conducting illegal transactions, and PayPal is no exception to this trend. Dark web PayPal transfers involve using PayPal accounts to send and receive money anonymously on the dark web. But Did you know that PayPal transfers are more valued and in high demand on the Dark web than credit cards?

Were you shocked, right?

But a recent study by Comparitech, a consumer website, has published the study with this conclusion. In its report, they found out users on the dark web prefer PayPal over credit cards to purchase illicit commodities such as drugs, malware, illegal documents, guns, and the most prized and sought: personal information.

Credit Cards

The dark web purchase will be either a digital or physical copy of the real one on the dark web. But the cloned cards are in high demand because the seller possesses the equipment necessary to remake a stolen card.

Mastercard stands out as the most lucrative credit card on the dark web. The credit limit of the card stood at 6.47 cents per dollar. Discover cards are next in line, valued at 6.27 cents per dollar. And at the third spot, Visa cards registered its name by offering 5.75 cents per dollar, followed by American Express at 5.13 cents per dollar.

Moreover, when you have the PINs of an ATM, then the prices of the credit cards get sky-rocketed. Another factor that counts is the usage of the cards, and the selling of them, whether in individual or bulk. In addition, Fullz is also known as the person’s biodata of the cardholder. The cardholder’s personal information includes a variety of things such as a person’s birth date, security number, and whatnot.

PayPal Transfers Accounts on Dark Web

PayPal, unlike credit cards, has become a more lucrative account on the dark web. The popularity of the dark web on PayPal transfers accounts can be gauged from the fact that an average rate of a single PayPal account hosted on the dark web is prized at $196.50, including a staggering amount of $2,133,61 as the average account balance.

If you do the math, then on average, buyers shelled out 9.2 cents per dollar. Also, recently, a spiked was experienced in the prize of these accounts, which shoots up to 194%.

PayPal transfers

The prize rates of accounts on PayPal are linked to different ‘types’ of accounts. For example, on average, the price of an individual account is $161.9; in contrast, a premier account, on average, will cost a whopping $186.31 and a business account $246.

On the dark web, PayPal transfers accounts are obtained by hackers through various hacking tactics such as phishing and malware. These tactics provide the hacker with the critical personal information of the account user. Moreover, a hacker can also hack into any bank or credit card, along with PayPal accounts.

However, on the dark web, PayPal transfers accounts and credit cards are not the only one in demand. Other important stuff such as passports, streaming accounts, personal information, social media accounts, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, and debit cards are sold on the dark web.


Q1. Why do people use PayPal on the dark web for transactions?

People use PayPal on the dark web because it is an easy and safe way to transact. PayPal offers some buyer security and can be used to send and receive payments without providing personal details.

Q2. Can PayPal track illegal transactions on the dark web?

PayPal has measures to detect and prevent illegal activity on its platform, but it may be unable to track transactions on the dark web. However, PayPal may freeze or suspend accounts associated with illegal activity and cooperate with law enforcement in investigations.

Q3. Are PayPal transactions on the dark web legal?

Using PayPal for transactions on the dark web is not illegal, but the dark web is known for illegal activities such as drug sales, hacking, and other criminal activities. Therefore, using PayPal on the dark web carries major legal risks.