Best Deep Web Gun Store To Explore in 2024

deep web gun store

Do you want to know about the best deep web gun store? If so, then you are at the right place. Here, we will inform you about the updated weapon store where you can buy a broad variety of guns, ammunition, rifles, hand grenades, and more. Each market claims to sell unique and other kinds of weapons.

These darknet gun markets offer huge selections of weapons available virtually to anyone across the world at the tap of a button, without any third party or laws involved. Hence, deals on the armory are entirely anonymous and secure. Also, Bitcoin is the only payment mode on almost all of these Darkweb gun links. As sites are hidden behind the encrypted Tor network.

However, you have to be extra careful while exploring the weapons links on the Darknet, as there are also lots of scammers on the Darknet who try to steal your Bitcoins by making clones of other authentic gun shops on the Darknet. So always be cautious while buying guns on deep web. Let’s jump to the next section to explore more about weapons stores on Darknet.

About Darknet Weapon Store

The black market sells all kinds of weapons, armory, rifles, cannabis, cocaine, fake IDs, counterfeit money, and more. They offer their customers to buy credit card numbers, illegal drugs, guns, organs, and whatnot. Dark web fueling illegal US gun exports. A new report on the Darknet locates the growing demand for CAD models of 3D-printed guns.

Hence, Darknet is making possible worldwide arms trafficking. Though, the value and volume of firearms traded on the deep web are small compared to other products, such as drugs. But, its impact on the security scenario is vast, as shown by lone-wolf terrorist attacks in Europe.

However, lethal weapons are available anytime from anywhere to anybody on the dark market. Anyone can buy whatever weapon one wants on the Darknet, such as LiberaTor, Armory, and Black Market Reloaded.

The black market refers to weapons, including long-range guns, pistols, ammunition, explosives, and hard weapons. Under ammunition, you can find listed bullets of all sizes and shapes. Rand corporation Europe, a non-profit firm working with Manchester University, found 52 special vendors selling weapons or similar products, including explosives, ammunition, or components such as silencers, across 811 listings and 18 markets.

The black market needs the purchasers to register themselves for full access to the platform’s available items. As handguns, including Glocks, Berettas, and 9mm pistols, are already available on the black market, so are rifles, including AK 47s and Bushmaster M4s. For those concerned about explosives, C4 is in stock. However, you can also find military-grade weapons on the darknet markets.

Protect Yourself While Purchasing on Darknet

As we all know, the Darknet is well-known for its illegal and illicit activities. So if you are going to purchase anything on the Darknet, like guns or rifles, which are extremely illegal, Just don’t copy the market link or start browsing; this is very dangerous. It is necessary to take precautions to remain anonymous.

Hence, for security and anonymity, apply the below steps.

  • First, install NordVPN (as it is the most secure and trusted).
  • Open the VPN and link to its “onion over VPN” server.
  • If you have already installed the Tor browser, update it to its newest version.
  • Now, enhance TOR’s security (Menu>options> security> safest).
  • Use black tape to cover your mic and webcam.
  • Now you can browse any of the links.


These darknet weapons store links are shared here merely and solely for educational purposes. However, you can browse, but security is necessary. But purchasing/ selling guns on the Darknet is illegal. So be cautious, as so many scammers on the platform will steal your Bitcoins. Because sometimes, even
escrow-accepting shops may be a scam.

In short, do not trade any of these black markets on the dark web. We are not accountable for any of your activities.

Top Dark Web Gun Stores Markets of 2024

All the links mentioned in the article to online black market guns are active, but as you know, dark websites usually fall and may not work. So be careful and use the abovementioned precautions before accessing any below markets.

1) Ghost Gun Store on Deep Web

The ghost gun is a Filipino supplier of guns and rifles, including AK-47, AR-15, H&KP30 9MM PAK, UZI, CZ Scorpion EVO S3, Beretta 92FS, Beretta M92, and Glock22. They are authentic and will deliver the products worldwide by hiding the weapons in printers or large TV sets.

This site operation is based in the US, serving soldiers, law enforcement, and citizens. Ghost gun will offer you high-quality components as compared to other markets.

2) Gun Shop Darknet Market

This armory deep web store has nearly different kinds of guns and ammunition listed for sale. You can find everything from SMGs to AR rifles on this platform. Payment only can be made in Bitcoin. Although the shipping will cost you an extra $50.00, though is free when you purchase five plus items together.

Moreover, it also offers additional multi-package shipping for $150.00. Items are shipped in parts on various days. Registration is not needed, but you have to pay in advance.

3) Euro Guns

This is another darknet semi-automated gun shop with 3 products listed; for now, all are pistols. However, Ammo for each of these can be bought separately. Registration is necessary in order to make a purchase. But to buy, you have to make an advance payment. You cannot get stolen or old guns; the guns in this store are entirely new, and you have to pay via bitcoins for purchase.

This indicates that if you convey personal information to this website, there is a reduced probability that an unusual party will retrieve the data due to the fact that all details will be encrypted. This is decisive for a website, although it doesn’t conclude on its own that the site is trustworthy.

4) Top Gun Store

The name of the market clarifies what they are selling. They have listed snipers, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, full-automatics, semi-automatics, and other kinds of Guns. Moreover, they are also selling other items, such as fake documents, drugs, and other illegal things.

All the items are claimed to have been tested various times and will deliver to you in just 24 hours. However, they also offer their customer a replacement policy. In semi-automated orders, a “how to order” guide is sent to the mail after making the payment in advance.

5) UK Guns & Ammo Store on Deep Web

UK Guns & Ammo store

The site has the same template as another darknet weapon store. It contains just 2 listed products such as the Glock and the Walther. Else, you can purchase Ammo separately; it charges only a 5GBP fee for shipping. However, Ammo can’t be purchased without a gun. Only Bitcoin is accepted as a payment mode, and you must register before accessing the platform.

However, arms and ammunition vendors from the UK let you make an order by paying with Bitcoin and registering on its site.

6) Guns & Ganja Private Club

It is a market where multiple suppliers of weapons sell rifles, ammunition, guns, and accessories for firearms. To see the platform’s content, place orders or become one of the sellers. But first, you have to register yourself, as you can only access the site after registration.

Furthermore, the platform is quite rich in products as over 40 products are listed, closely categorized in categories such as Revolvers, shotguns, Ammo, rifles, Pistols, optics, and much more. Deposits need to be centralized account wallets. But don’t worry; withdrawals are allowed. Only Bitcoin is accepted as a payment.

Though the platform has an entirely automated order process, It also displays several comments and sales for previous sales. 

7) Firearms 72 Gun Store on Deep web

This deep web gun site lists many weapons and ammunition; you can buy handguns, Ammo, and rifles, as mentioned on the site. All weapons are clean, and their serial number has removed. However, they do not offer their services to the following countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Oman,
Syria, Paraguay, Sudan, and North Korea.

However, you can place your order via email, as no registration is needed. The support team even assists you in picking the best weapon, depending on the prerequisite. No payment method is accepted except BTC and some other crypto coins.

8) Luckp47 Shop

The complete name of this site is Luhansk Counter Kiev partisans. Probably the richest store in this whole list of darknet weapons store links. Almost 75 products are listed on the platform. Extremely hardcore, even RPGs and hand grenades are also available, along with pistols, snipers, and rifles.

However, for purchasing, a manual email is needed for ordering and advance payment.

9) Dark web Gun Shop

This is also considered a trusted weapon site with almost 17 products listed. The products are mainly stocked with pistols and with a few rifles too. The website claims that they deliver to 10 different countries.

You can place an order via Email, Wickr, and, unexpectedly, WhatsApp. However, order details, payment details, and everything else is apparently shared upon further communication.

10) BMG (Black Market Guns)

This black market has a similar logo to other Darknet weapons markets but with different products and interfaces. You can explore various photos of every product with extremely detailed descriptions such as capacity, weight, length, caliber, etc. You can also find sights, scopes, and ammunition on the site, including pistols, ARs, SMGs, and even shotguns.

Further, a contact form is accessible on the site and can be used after making payments.   It accepts only Bitcoin payments.

11) Drkseid Gun Store on Deep web

Drkseid Gun store

It’s a single-vendor weapons market on the Darknet. The product catalog includes SMGs, Rifles, Handguns, etc. this platform seems to have a huge stock and allows customers to bulk orders. You don’t need to register yourself; it only requires advance payments. The market claims the wallet is in “escrow,” but not been confirmed by us. The payment method is the same as the other; it only accepts BTC.

12) Ammo Bay

This dark web guns site sells everything from smokeless powders and guns to ammunition. The platform has a professional policy with automated purchases. However, the platform is managed by a single admin and doesn’t allow any third-party vendors.

13) Black Market

It is a complete market that almost sells all the darknet products, shockingly allowing weapons. You will see a “Gun for sale” category where the products can be found. This market now has 9 listed items, mostly pistols with a single rifle listing. Payments can only be made via Bitcoins. Only needs an authentic email ID to sign up. But keep in mind this may compromise your security. So be careful.

Shipping Process of Weapons on the Black Market

buying guns on the deep web

Oh…. this is the most significant part of the entire process and is also challenging. Shipping is an issue as they cannot be just couriered via postal service or by FedEx because the postal service, which was the most, adopted the process of shipping guns, nowadays being monitored by most law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, the products are shipped by protected packaging covered to look like legal products. The deep web gun store weapons are now being shipped by hiding them inside legal goods like electronics, books, and clothes to avoid the authorities’ detection. Illegal weapons are also being dismantled and sent in different packages several times. Recently, authorities exposed some items embedded in old printers and stereos.

US Weapons Main Source of Trading on the Darknet

US weapons trading

According to the report, which is totally based on the size and scope of the illegal arms trading on the Darknet, As per reports, European purchases of weapons on the Darknet generate revenues around five times higher than those in the US. Moreover, 60% of weapons for sale on the Darknet are from the US.

The lone-wolf attacker in the 2016 Munich shooting used weapons bought from the Dark markets. But there is no direct evidence of a direct link between the dark web online gun store market and terrorism. Hence, this shows that Darknet is facilitating the illegal trade of weapons globally by knocking down the geographical barrier between buyers and sellers and reducing the personal risk of both buyers and sellers by unclear their identities through anonymizing features of the dark web.

 Key Takeaways

    • More modern, higher-potential weapons are available on the dark web for the same or less money than they would be on the illegal market.

    • The US seems to be the most common source of arms for sale on the dark web. Around 60% of firearms listings are linked with products that initiate from the US. This is followed by a selection of European countries that account for almost 255, while unmentioned origin locations account for roughly 12%. Although Europe shows the biggest market for arms trade on the Darknet, generating revenues that are almost five times higher than the US.

    • The most common listings on the dark web were for firearms (42%), followed by digital goods related to arms (27%) and other items, such as ammunition (22%). Guns were most often listed as pistols (84%), then rifles (10%), then submachine guns (6%).

    • The trade-in of digital goods related to weaponry presents additional difficult issues. In addition to models that can be 3D printed into fully functional firearms, these products are frequently guides & offer tutorials for a variety of illegal actions, including the full manufacture of homemade guns and explosives, as well as instructions for turning replica/alarm guns into live weapons.

However, the estimated value and volume may differ now or include a certain percentage of fake listings or transactions. Specifically among vendors of firearms. Although, it is tricky to ascertain the extent of scamming on the Darknet.

On the other hand, the Darknet has the potential to become the chosen platform for people (e.g. lone-wolves terrorists) or small groups such as gangs to get weapons and ammunition behind the concealed curtain offered by the dark web.


What are the most significant aspects to consider while shopping for guns?

Factors to prioritize while shopping for weapons include reliability, safety, price, and finish. Beyond that, you should consider who you are purchasing from and how they support their clients.

Where do the illegal arms come from?

Theft and fraud at points of manufacture, stockpiles or military installations, or police sources, can all contribute to the supply of illegal firearms. The insecurity of stockpiles is a major global issue. Many countries cannot protect weapons owned by the state’s military and domestic security forces.

Final Words

The potential of the dark web in facilitating weapons, ammunition, and explosives trading after the attacks and criminal activities have increased. Nowadays, being safe while trading weapons or illegal stuff on Darknet is essential.

We have mentioned the most trusted gun store to trade weapons on the deep web. These markets ensure the safety of buyers and sellers with some security features that hide their identities. Hope this article provides you with the best knowledge. Share your thoughts with us and first deep search yourself before accessing.