Secure Deep Web Email Service Providers

On the deep web, secure communication is the priority of every user. In this case, this article will help you as we have curated a list of top deep web email service providers for you to communicate safely and securely on the deep web.

But on the safe side, none of the deep web email services are secure. So, always keep your guard up by using encryption-related stuff and operation security.

The below-mentioned email service providers can be accessed only by the Tor browser.

Check them out!

1) ProtonMail

Though ProtonMail is technically not an exclusive deep web email service provider yet. The email service provider has come a long way to establish itself as a prominent name in providing a secure line of communication on the deep web. ProtonMail security is up to the mark, coupled with a secure dark web portal of HTTPS. ProtonMail. But there is one drawback of the ProtonMail; the registration on the .onion address cannot be made possible.

ProtonMail has put up a great security measure for a clear web domain. Meanwhile, every communication on the ProtonMail is based on end-to-end encryption, which means a single-end user can only see it. Apart from that, ProtonMail emails are processed in a zero-knowledge environment. That means. If anyone on the ProtonMail wants to read your emails, they cannot be able to in any way whatsoever.

2) TorBox


Tarbox is another deep web email service provider only accessible on Tor. There are no clear web connections that turn TorBox into an exclusive dark web email service. The precondition of email sending to another person is to have a certified TorBox provider, or else the message cannot be sent. Meanwhile, TorBox has multiple emails that it supports, i.e., letantos. Org,,, etc.

Tarbox’s provider is entirely free and has no intention to launch a clear-web-related service. Tarbox also offers over 20 MB on registration and Bitcoin donations, giving the users more disk space. The email data on the TorBox is fully encrypted.

3) BitMessage

Bitmessage is an email service provider that is free, accessible by Tor, and strictly-privacy adhered. Bitmessage does not track or do not employ any advertisement. However, to gauge their site’s overall performance, they take a selective number of data such as total active users, emails sent and received, and some server logs such as SMPT, IMAP, and whatnot. But one thing to remember here is none of the information collected by the BitMessage is personal.

 As far as the security of BitMessage is concerned, it is air-tight. Given its transport system that mainly works inside a sandbox, making it impossible for any of the information to leave its own without the approval of defined channels. The data is fully encrypted, and emails are permanently deleted, leaving no sign of its presence.

4) CounterMail

 CounterMail is a Swiss-based, highly-selective email provider. They are incredibly anonymous in their workings. Launched in 2018, CounterMail is regarded as one of the oldest anonymous email providers. Besides being a strictly anonymous email service provider, CounterMail has other things in the store.

5) Mail2Tor


Mail2Tor is a Tor-exclusive email provider with offering anonymity is the main appeal of their email service. The mail can be exclusively accessible by the Tor network, but it has one edge. It can receive emails from both the dark and clear web. Information is scarce regarding the Mail2Tor, besides being a Tor-only email service provider. On Tor, it has a massive following and is used by many.


Cock. Li is owned by an individual who, besides owning Cock.Li has owned multiple domains of NSFW and comes with a plan to form an anonymous email service provider named Cock. Li. These domains, of course, are NSFW for a reason. So, be wary of using it in the presence of others or at work.

Cock. Li is billed as one of the transparent and anonymous email service providers. As far as transparency of the site is concerned, the owner of the site has published the yearly transparency report detailing all the legal documents and costs that came on the site monthly.

Moving from the transparency angle, Cock.Li owner also has other important things to offer. Such as a darknet portal where there is multiple stuff to access with. Besides mentioning this portal, it also noted down the webmail guidelines and how it runs. The owner also uncovers the veneer of privacy when he showcases the email’s internally insecure nature, which lets the owner read the emails. Apart from that, Cock.Li is a profound name in email service providers on the dark web.


Q1. What differs a deep web email service provider from a standard email service?

A deep web email service provider differs from a standard email service in that it runs on the deep web, which is a hidden network that needs specific software and configurations to access. These services are intended to give users increased privacy and security. But standard email services do not provide the same level of anonymity.

Q2. Is it legal to use a deep web email service provider?

The deep web is often linked to illegal activities like drug trafficking and cybercrime, yet using a deep web email service provider is not unlawful. Using deep web email services is not always linked with criminal conduct, and the services themselves are not fundamentally unlawful.

Q3. Are deep web email service providers completely anonymous?

A: It’s significant to remember that no service can guarantee anonymity, even though deep web email service providers are supposed to give consumers better privacy and security. It is essential to use these services with caution and to take extra precautions to protect your privacy, such as using a VPN, because it is still possible for third parties to track and monitor your online actions.


On the deep or the dark web, caution is the first thing to consider. When dealing with emails on the deep web or the dark web, it is strongly advised to handle this communication properly. Because this communication gets into the hands of the wrong people. Then the trouble may brew for you and the people mentioned in those emails.

The privacy related to the email is a dead-serious concern and, in no case, should be taken lightly. This is because those emails contain personal information of yours and others that can be private, important, and sensitive. Also, there are very few who you can trust on the dark web, and even a few good, privacy-protected deep web email services provide. Further, privacy becomes much more critical on the dark web when multiple government-funded agencies are busy finding ways to become Tor users de-anonymized.

As the Tor Project is on the path to fighting the censorship by these governments. The emails mentioned earlier are some of the few that can give you access to communicate securely, safely, and, most importantly, anonymously. Keep your guard up while using deep web email service providers to fight off monitoring and surveillance on the dark web.