Deep Web Dictionary: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are at the starting point of the deep web career and want to work there. So first, you have to learn the deep web dictionary & compulsory terms because by learning these terms, you can efficiently in the darknet marketplace by using deep web language. And also, through your conversation, you can grab many clients.

Here in this article, we will go through the deepweb dictionary where you can learn basic terms and spread your knowledge to other people.

Introduction of the Deep Web World

The deep web is a vast network of information that is not indexed by search engines. It is also referred to as the dark web, which is a reference to the fact that search engines do not index it. The deep web contains everything from criminal activity to personal information. While it is difficult to access, many people use the deep web in order to find the information they cannot access on the surface web.

The Complete Deep Web Dictionary

We have combined a list of deep web authentic slang in alphabetical orders, which is basically for the beginners of the deep web who are interested in learning about it and want to be involved in the darknet marketplace’s illegal activities.

deep wen dictionary

Deep Web Slangs Start with A

AstridThe moderator of the Darknet marketplace.
AUDAustralian Dollar or the currency of Australia.
AuthenticationA process of validating information.
AvengersThese are the Testers and sellers of LSD from Silk Road, and people may be contacted on the Majestic Garden Forum.
AYBAll You are Base – relates to pop culture, which means victory.
AYWAll You are Wiki
AOLA mass media company that provides a webmail service is known as AOL Mail.
AnonFilesIt’s a file-sharing site where users can upload files and give you custom links for downloading purposes.
API KeyAn application programming interface code identifies the users, developers, or programs. The key may be embedded in some digest of the requested content as a security measure. This would improve the authenticity and prevent tampering.
AmmunitionFirearms use projectiles.
AMLAnti-money laundering (AML) refers to the laws and regulations designed to stop criminals from masking unlawfully acquired money as legal earnings.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with B

BackopyA person is in charge of BMR (Black Market Reloaded).
BitcoinA cryptocurrency that offers the users to buy online with no transaction fees.
Bitcoin FogA bitcoin anonymization service is also known as bitcoin launder, bitcoin tumbler, and dark wallet.
BotnetA group controls multiple internets connected devices to perform various tasks. Most of them are infected with malware and controlled without their owner’s consent.
Burp SuiteBURPS Suite is a platform for conducting security testing on web applications.
Bergie WebA part of the internet allows direct access to indexed “underground” sites.
BalanceThe cash is available in the user account for their purchasing purpose.
Black Market GoodsThings that are being sold on darkweb marketplaces.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with C

CADStands for Canadian Dollar.
CardingThe art of stealing and selling credit card information is based on scams.
CathinoneA chemical substance resembles ephedrine, cathine, methcathinone, and other amphetamines.
ClearnetYou can view the list of sites in any browser without specialized proxy software.
CirrusA silk road forum administrator.
CipherspaceA generic term is used for encrypted cyberspace, such as I2P.
CNHIt stands for Chinese Yuan when traded outside of mainland China.
CannabisThe cannabis plant, which has a high concentration of THC and is often referred to as marijuana, weed, or hash, is a popular recreational drug that can be consumed or smoked to produce a euphoric effect.

Deep Web Dictionary Slangs Start with D

Dark NetA secret part of the world wide web is not indexed by search engines and can only be accessed via specific software.
DDGA non-tracking, non-monitoring alternative search engine.
Deep WebA search engine that is not indexed contains intranets, banking information, membership sites, and the dark web.
DefconThe oldest offline underground hacking conference.
DigitalinkThe first drug vendor on the silk road to get arrested.
DonationsFunds or other material provided by another party.
DoxInternet slang for publishing identifying or otherwise private information about an individual.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with E

EURA Euro currency used in Europe.
Exit ScamThe act of an administrator or vendor is taking funds from users before leaving.
EscrowIn most instances, a third party, such as a marketplace, holds funds while a transaction is concluded between a buyer and a seller.
EmpathogensA psychoactive drug is used to induce emotional openness.
EdiblesConsumable drugs such as marijuana and mushrooms.
EcstasyThe most common street name for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) is a drug that leads to euphoria and sensations.
EncryptionA method for converting data into obfuscated code to prevent unauthorized access.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with F

FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FBIThe US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FlushAn administrator of the Silk Road who Dread Pirate Roberts is alleged to have paid to be killed.
FraudDeception is intended to create financial or other personal gains.
FUDThis stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
FEThe term is an abbreviation for Finalizing Early without an Escrow in electronic commerce, specifically on darknet markets.
FentanylAn enormouslyeffective opioid painkiller.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with G

GalaxyIt is a Tor-accessible social network made for deep web users.
GawkerA media blog that shut down in 2016.
GBPStand for British Pound Currency.
GCHQA UK Govt Communication Headquarters – known as England’s signal intelligence center.
GHBThe abbreviation for 4-hydroxybutanoic acid is also known as Gamma-hydroxybutyrate or γ-Hydroxybutyric acid. It’s also a central nervous system depressant that is used to treat narcolepsy. Taking over the dose can cause loss of consciousness, hallucination, and increased sex drive.
GramsA darknet search engine indexes Tor-based sites and marketplaces.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with H

Harry71Onion robot that indicates which websites are running on the Tor network.
Hard CandyA page where you can find child pornography.
Hidden WikiA censorship-resistant wiki for Tor sites.
HushmailAn encrypted email service.
HackBBAn infamous hacking forum shut down on the darknet in 2013.
Hand WeaponsIt is also known as melee weapons, and the items are used for close-range, hand-to-hand combat.
HeroinIt is an opioid drug from the poppy plant and is highly addictive.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with I

I2PIt’s software that provides access to a network for anonymous browsing, messaging, and file transfer.
IbogaineA substance with psychedelic properties is used for abuse treatment.
ICQAn instant messaging program and a derivative of “I seek you” in English.
INRIndian Rupee Currency
InternationalConcern and connecting with the multiple countries.
Inviter UserA person who invites a user on the darknet marketplace.
IRCAn internet relay chat that enables text communications.

DeepWeb Dictionary Slangs Start with J

JabberAn XMPP is used as a secure chat messaging protocol.
JBJailbait – A young woman under the age of sexual consent but considered sexually attractive.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with K

KetamineAn anesthetic drug.
KhatAn African and Arabian Peninsula plant acts as a stimulant and causes euphoria.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with L

LibertasThis is a pseudonym used by a silk road administrator.
LibraryTor library is an extensive repository for media files.
LitecoinsAn open-source protocol cryptocurrency.
LSDAn abbreviation of lysergic acid diethylamide and a drug that changes the user’s perceptions.
LocalBitcoinsP2P exchange that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins (BTC).

DeepWeb Slangs Start with M

MescalineA psychedelic drug analogous to LSD.
MethadoneAn opioid pain killer is used t treat drug addiction.
MollyA drug is sold on the deep web marketplace.
MixieA Tor hidden service that provides a private messaging service.
MXE/MXPA drug is similar to ketamine & phencyclidine.
Mushroom GrowingA mushroom you can grow in your home.

Deep Web Dictionary Slangs Start with N

NamelessThe dark web is relay on the internet chat.
NicotineAn addictive stimulator is found in cigars, snus, cigarettes, and more.
Nitrous OxideA colorless gas is used in the medical field to give the person anesthesia. It functions as a potent oxidizer if we place it above room temperature.
NOKNorwegian Krone Currency
NootropicsA smart drugis a substance that serves as a performance enhancer for cognitive function.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with O

OnionThe top-level domain is used for sites that are accessible via the Tor network.
OnionlandThe general onion deep website.
OpioidA pain reliever drug is derived from opium, such as morphine.
Optimus CrimeA founder & administrator of the HackBB forum.
OpiateA drug is derived from opium.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with P

ProductionThe product creation.
Processing TimeA period of time that shows between the commencement and the completion of verification of action.
ProxyThis virtual service changes users’ IP addresses when connected to the internet.
PistolA handgun is designed to be held with one hand, and it’s slang for an ambitious or energetic person.
PharmacyA term is used to dispense the deep web drugs.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with R

ResolutionAn agreement or decision following a dispute.
ReviewsInteraction with the previous client about the different products.
RiseupA safe email service.
RegisterIdentify yourself or create an account with a service like e-commerce sites.
Research chemicalsChemicals created for research are called designer drugs. They mimic the results and effects of known medications.

Deep Web Dictionary Slangs Start with S

SalesA sale of the product is available on the various deep websites.
SamplesFree product is given to potential customers to test the item or confirm its use.
Save SearchA system or browser saves a search.
SEKSwedish Krona Currency.
ShillingAn African and England monitory unit.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with T

Talk maskedA forum is shown on the Tor network&Clearnet.
TobaccoSmokers and consumers consume smoke-cured leaves of this nicotine-containing plant.
Tony76An infamous Silk Road vendor is known for running a large-scale scam.
Tor Browser BundleA browser is used to help the search anonymously.
TorchA search engine in the Tor network is for the onion sites.

DeepWeb Slangs Start with U

USDA US Dollar currency
Utopia MarketplaceThe darknet marketplace which is only active for 8 days before Dutch law enforcement shut it down.

Deep Web Slangs Start with V

Vendor ApplicationThe vendor signs a document before selling any product on an e-commerce site.
VPNVirtual Private Network – used to create a secure connection to another network.
VendorsA person or group who sells the product on the darknet world.
Vendors RoundtableA forum is used for the discussion of silk road vendors.
Vendor Trust LevelSuccessful transaction rating – A trust is given to the e-commerce vendor by their customers.

Deep WebSlangs Start with W

WhistleblowingTo reveal or report the other party for involvement in illegal activities.
WhonixAn operating system is built around security and anonymity for privacy purposes.
WithdrawalsIt belongs to financial relations and the act of taking funds from the account for any illegal activity program.

Deep Web Dictionary Slangs Start with Z

ZULU TimeTime zone equivalent to UTC+0 & GMT

No More Interruptions

The deep and dark web is the scariest search engine, and most people want to know about them. But I suggest that before going on to the advanced level, start with basic slang of the deep web. Therefore, we have gathered a list of deep web dictionaries which contain many slangs according to alphabetical order. I hope if you are a beginner, this guide will be helpful for you and if you know another slang that is included in the list, let us know in the comment box.