What are the Popular Deep Web Chat Room?

deep web chat room

What is the top deep web chat room?

They are many on the deep web.

But what are they, anyway?

Chats rooms on the deep web are the virtual places where people chat. Given the sensitivity of the platform, users do not use their original but come up with fancy names to evade monitoring.

But one thing is crystal-clear; deep web chat rooms are LEGIT.

However, here comes the rider: The deep web chat rooms are legal as far as no illegal activities took place. Examples of illegal activities include any sharing or posting of underage porn, criminal planning, etc.

Caution is the number one thing to remember on the deep and dark web. Moving from here, we have curated a list of popular deep web chat rooms for our readers.

Dive in!


Boychat is the haven for gays. This chatroom specifically targets the people who love men. The chatroom is teemed with members of the LGBTQ to safely, securely, and easily communicate with each other. But in some countries, people persecute their unorthodox sexual orientation. On Boychat, there is a section called ‘treehouse’ that is frequented by the users to chat. Illegal content in any sense is forbidden on the site. The users who wish to use the platform need to sign up first.


An IRC- server, MADIRC is a legit website that censors terms that are not legal on their platform. The subjects revolve around the chat from politics to ideas and privacy. The registration is a precondition to using the platform. MADIRC resembles any normal messaging site where the user types the message in the chat boxes and hits enter to send the message. Further features are also part of the messaging platform, including, removing direct messaging or blocking particular individuals.

Deep Web Chat Room: Cryptodog

Cryptodog provides the platform to chat privately with your partners. The feature of rooms and lobbies are given to facilitate users to easily join and have the chat. Lobbies, especially are catered to group chatting. The lobby is completely encrypted to safeguard the security of the user. The site hosted several content that are controversial and sexual but is legal content. Besides, Cryptodog also allows its users to share encrypted P2P files.

Deep Web Chat Room: JitJat

JilJat is another deep web chat room where privacy is respected. It is an anonymous instant messaging where you can register easily and instantly. The site doesn’t store any logs. Though the logs are not removed instantly, they were there for two weeks period of retention, only to remove indefinitely. On JitJat, they don’t have any group chats but instead boasted account-based chats. In there, go to the user and send them any message directly with no problem. Also, you can add your friends easily to your account and chat with them with ease and privacy intact.