Top 12 Darknet Market Place for Privacy Professionals

Darknet Market Place

If you love to do online shopping for anything, then go for it on the dark web shop or darknet marketplace to buy anything. Other than that, you can explore different stores that are just one click away and it also saves your precious time plus maintain a healthy distance from the people.

One thing you should remember is that online shopping is slightly different when we talk about darknet markets. The article will describe all the details about the top 12 dark webshops or market places to buy anything from there. At this point, you will definitely hear from any of them about the darknet web like from Youtube videos because many influencers order from the darknet and open a package in Infront of you people to give them a shoutout. And if you think the dark web is like a dark material so it is not like that, it’s simple, safe, and sound, but sometime this quite becomes risky.

Statement: Before going to the marketplace, you need to use a VPN to maintain your privacy and anonymity when visiting dark web markets to buy your selective material such as medicines, software, electronics, and much more.

Top 12 Dark Web Market Places of 2022 – Darknet Users Shop

You can find a list of dark websites (darknet) marketplaces that are able to help you learn all about the wonderful darknet markets and how to get anything from them.

shop the dark web
shop the dark web
  • White House Market

This market is the right place for you if you are looking for things like software, services, etc. White House Market offers an extensive selection and accepts Monero (XMR) while supporting the Escrow system among the largest and most popular darknet markets.

  • Vice City Market

This vice city market or dark webshop prides its service and operational security, focusing on both the customer and vendor experience. This site functions as taking feedback and hearing both sides of the story to ensure the user has a wonderful experience for anyone who comes in touch with it.

Furthermore, the website supports 2 out of the 3 multi-sig, which are finalized, early, and in escrow. Even if you don’t have money in your darknet account, you can still purchase through this site.

  • Cartel Market – The Dark Web Shop

If you want to shop from a general store, then this is the right place where you have come here. Cartel market is one of the all-purpose markets where you will get every type of drug, self-defence product, electronics, and even hosting. The cartel market offers simple, neat, aesthetic, and easy-to-use web interfaces if a user cares about web interfaces. In addition, the detailed product description with the price is listed right underneath the product. Hence customers could easily get an overview of the product.

  • World Market

This market has shown and got customers by its name because this is one of the most popular and largest darknet markets. That deals with the different types of products. However, you will find a wide variety of prescription, recreational drugs, and substances. The market also offers a wide range of electronic devices, personal ID scans, data dumps, and credit card information.

Furthermore, this site is protected against phishing, making it much more secure and easy for users to find and shop on this site without fear of ending up on the wrong one.

  • Dark0de Reborn – The Dark Web Shop

Some tutorials and digital products are hard to find online, which makes this website a great place to begin your search. Aside from that, you can also find stuff like chemistry equipment and fraud-related products.

In contrast to many darknet markets, this one offers a user interface that looks. And feels like you are actually shopping online in an internal forum, and even an option to buy gift cards to send to friends and family. We think you will be pleased with the experience.

  • ASAP Market

Sometimes, if the browse website doesn’t create a darknet account, then this site will let you do that. Moreover, before you can make any purchases, you will still have to register. Although this market is primarily focused on drugs, they are also neatly categorized into varieties. And these varieties contain stimulants, opioids, cannabis, and steroids.

  • Yellow Brick Dark Web Shop 

The yellow brick market is a very interesting website to find rare things. This marketplace is continuously growing with popularity for its rare finds and anonymity. The anonymous darknet market lets vendors sell anything, and their customers buy anything without judgment their identity at risk. Additionally, this web is launched in the year 2020 by Aaron Cross, a member anonymous hacker group at the time.

  • Dread Forum

The dread forum is not a darknet market in all senses of the word. And this website includes the latest news about markets and many more rumors about other darknet topics. However, it offers tons of updates that are not limited to sharing information. It also serves as a community group where you can chat about multiple topics that you would like to share.

  • Joker’s Stash

Joker’s Stash, which began as a credit card shop in 2014, has since grown into an underground marketplace. That offers more than just a credit card dark web shop. Additionally, this is a very professional darknet market that caters to regular customers and provides personalized customer support. And allows them to access the website through a custom domain that is tailored specifically to them.

  • CannaHome

After a stressful week at work, are you looking forward to a relaxing weekend with friends? CannaHome is one of the largest darknet markets for recreational drugs. The site offers a variety of weed-related products, but it also only allows trusted vendors to sell. As a result, vendors with 500 sales or more on other markets are eligible to sell on CannaHome.

  • The Versus Market – The Dark Web Shop

The community of the versus project aims to bring back the old days of the dark web that instead focus on earning bucks from the dark webshop. In this versus project, you don’t need to deposit any single penny in order to make quick transactions. Despite that, you may complete transactions similar to a conventional e-commerce website.

  •   Corona Market

The corona market is a kind of general website where you would like to find material like medication, drugs, software, and other products. Moreover, the site still has not divided its product into various categories. You can still use it for search engine purposes to look up things you are interested in.


Dark web marketplaces are online markets where you can buy anything. And you found that the online service is under the protection of the dark web’s anonymity. You can buy from there and pay them from bitcoin or any other wallet. Lastly, before going to the marketplace, activate your VPN to maintain your anonymity and let us know if you have purchased anything from any of the above marketplaces. We would like to hear about your experiences in the comments section.