Top 10+ Common Things Purchased on the Dark Web

There are many common thing which is purchased on the dark web like Netflix accounts, credit card numbers, weed, electronic gadgets, and much more. The dark web is the largest part of the internet with a standard search engine. But it cannot find easily as you think. US Govt originally initiated it for classified information exchange, and it has also become an unregulated marketplace where anyone can buy anything they would like to buy.

The article will describe multiple popular and common items that anybody can purchase on the dark web. The dark web deals with a diverse criminal activity field that has anonymous illegal stuff sold by the darknet every day. And this is known as a darknet illegal marketplace.

What is Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden portion of the internet that can only be accessed with special software or Tor, a tool that helps mask your IP address. The Dark Web is used by people who want to stay anonymous and avoid detection by the authorities. It is not connected to the internet or any other network, so it is invisible to most people. And mostly, people use cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallets to buy common thing on the dark web.

Top Common Purchases on the Darknet

Things you can find on dark web

There are thousands of items sold on the dark web every day and each item have a different number value according to the price money. Here we have listed the top 10 common thing that you can purchase on the dark web in 2023.

1) Credit Card Numbers

This is one of the most common items which is sold on the dark web, but it is sold at a discounted bulk rate. The seller in the first scenario is targeting primarily German customers and is offering a bulk discount. The seller insists that all sales are final.

In Example 2, the seller has put up a sale for the holiday season, offering 201 American Express credit cards at a discount. No matter how you spin it, cybercriminals will generate buzz and extra traffic by offering discounts, much like traditional advertising.

2) Netflix Account

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform and is used by millions of users worldwide. Everybody wants to use it and watch on Netflix, but nowadays, the account is getting expensive. Therefore, many people use the dark web to get it for sale at the cost of just $1.

3) Fake College Degrees

If you have a hype source, you may get any type of fake degree from any college. But if you fail to get a fake degree, you may use the dark web because you can buy any common or high standard degree at such a low price with a discounted rate. So go on and get your fake degree to put on your wall.

4) Uber Account

Uber accounts are the most common thing that is purchased on the dark web. This site offers a hacked uber account linked to stolen credit cards and is convenient to use that avoid the authorities. It’s possible these are fake Uber accounts since Uber claims to know nothing about any security breaches.

5) A Pocket EMP Generator

A deep website is found everywhere in the world and basically found in China for selling pocket-sized electromagnetic pulse devices that permanently fry any electronic device nearby when it is activated. This is a credit-adding service for electronic slot machines.

6) PayPal Account

PayPal is an online platform that offers money transactions to the businessman, or an individual person can also receive from the PayPal account. However, when buyers give you a PayPal account, it empties out overall. But few countries don’t have PayPal accounts that’s why people use the dark web to buy active PayPal accounts that have been hacked.

7) Child Pornography

You can buy child pornography as well, along with other pornographic stuff, but you really have to find out the site on the internet where the pornographic material is imported and exported. And this is the only way you will be able to find out is by doing your own research.

8) Digital Goods

There are dark web marketplaces with digital goods of all types. Also, you can acquire products not normally available on the open web, such as some rare digital products.

9) Drugs

Drugs are a common thing that many people mostly purchase through the dark web. However, the maximum number of dark web marketplace is focused on selling illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis/marijuana/weed, LSD, Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, Psychedelics, Crack, MDMA, and much more. There are also some poisonous substances widely available, such as ricin. On top of that, prescription drugs and other supplements can be found in the drugs segment of these marketplaces.

10) Rare/Banned Books

There are also some rare or banned books that are not available on the market or clear web due to some reason. Many websites do not stock these books. Just make sure you have a good understanding of the dark web links from where it is sold. Buying stuff online might also be a scam, so you should do your research before buying anything.

11) Soul

You can probably find weirder things on the dark web than this. On the dark web, you can purchase ghosts and spirits of deceased children for a small crypto value. In my opinion, this is sort of nonsense since souls cannot be felt or seen.

12) Stolen Cars

Auto theft has become quite common in recent years. The dark web is the best anonymous trading platform for stolen cars, costly ones. However, in other cases, cars may be stolen on demand. A buyer orders a stolen vehicle of his choice of brand and model. The thieves usually steal the car and deliver it, after an agreed-upon price, to the buyer’s address within 3-7 days.

13) Government Data

Government data can be found on the dark web with other types of data. Although, it’s essential to note that government authorities typically have strict measures to secure their data from unauthorized access or theft. Regardless of these safety measures, government data breaches can and do happen via cyber attacks, insider threats, or others. When this occurs, the stolen data end up on the deep web, where you can purchase.

14) Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

The dark Web relies solely on Bitcoin; it is logical that individuals would desire to use this digital currency for gambling purposes, creating a Bitcoin lottery that offers tickets for sale on the deep Web. There are different forums and sites where users can trade lottery tickets using cryptocurrency.

How can you Pay for Stolen Data on Darknet?

how to pay for stolen data on darknet

Dark web users know that using any type of traditional payment way can instantly identify them and get them in legal trouble. So crypto is the most convenient and secure way on the dark web because it offers buyers anonymity. Moreover, bitcoin is a popular option, but other cryptocoins such as Litecoin are also commonly used on the dark web.

Winding Up

There are thousands of common thing purchased from the scariest search engine (dark web) and not easy to find on the internet. You can find anything whatever you want but when you go to buy something, make sure you should have an online wallet to get many things from the sellers. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Let us know in the comment box if you ever buy anything from the dark web.