Best News Sites on the Darknet Wiki

What are the best reliable news sources on the darknet wiki?

There is a long list of news services on the dark web. But we have curated a list of top-notch news sites on the darknet wiki for our readers to keep them abreast with current affairs.

Dive in, shall we?

1) DarknetWiki  Live

It is one of the darknet’s most influential and trusted news sources. The Darknet Wiki Live mainly covers topics related to darknet markets and activities ongoing on other dark websites.

Suppose we dig deeper into the subjects covered by the site. In that case, it includes drug kingpins’ arrests, darknet currencies aka cryptocurrencies, and whatnot. Darknet Wiki Live also bridges a gateway between legally accessing dark web markets.

2) ProPublica


ProPublica is one of the most renowned names on the dark web when one wants to seek the truth behind the news. Through its exceptional and dauntless reporting, the news site exposes many scandals and uncovers many embarrassing truths about influential organizations and individuals.

ProPublica has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes to become one of the first news organizations present on the darknet with a. onion address.

The funding of the online publication comes from a variety of donors. The rationale of ProPublica is to provide a breath of fresh in countries where censorship rules the roost.

3) The New York Times

One of the news industry’s oldest and most professional names, the New York Times, came to the darknet in 2017. In an attempt to pierce the firewall of censorship in many authoritarian countries—The Times—has launched its onion site. The content on the site is similar to the normal one. Still, for those reeling under the iron-grip rule of autocrats, access to the premium quality is a much welcome move by the NYT.

4) BBC

Mirroring the move of the New York Times, BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation, has also launched their version of the darknet BBC.

5) Facebook

Facebook is there, too?

Fortunately, yes.

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites in the world. The social media giant has increasingly turned political in the sense that many people derive their news information from the feed of Facebook. According to one study, about one-third of American Facebook users get their news from Facebook.

Though Facebook has stringently strict rules regarding invasive privacy, Facebook still maintains its onion site to reach those barred from getting to Facebook.

6) Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is the gateway to get easy access to the darknet. It boasted numerous indexes on its landing page, where it swings the users to the site they are looking for. The sites mentioned on the Hidden Wiki belong to various categories. Some of those links are indeed a scam. But, overall, other links are working well.

7) SecureDrop

It is one of the most popular site where whistleblowers can secretly share   confidential details with journalists. As the site is hosted on the Tor network, darknet users don’t need to worry about being tracked or revealing their personal details while exchanging details with media outlets.

However, the site claims that all conversations are encrypted in transit to prevent other parties from interrupting them.

8) CIA

The CIA has its own official onion site, which gives access to the CIA’s resources and essential information and allow users to access the site securely and anonymously. It is a must-visit darknet site if you are a newbie and want to explore the world of darknet.

Darknet Most Trusted News Outlets

The dark web may look scary to browse, but you can use credible .onion sites to access it. There is already a lot of information on the surface web. We have mentioned the most credible news sites on the dark web. You can use any of the mentioned sites to access content services not found on the surface web.

We advise you to use the precautionary VPN while exploring the dark web to add a level of security.