12 Best Tor Browser Alternatives For Secure Browsing

There are many alternatives to the tor browser which is to make the connection secure, and it is available for everyone who wants to surf the dark web, deep web, or even the surface web. However, people are searching for Tor alternatives because of the dark web’s association with Tor and several other issues. In addition, Tor holds a reputation as a secure browser. Users have to face various issues like ISP strangling, ISP monitoring, malicious exit nodes, and annoyingly low speeds.

Other than that, Tor provides security to its users because it hides within the base of encryption and does not encrypt it. A growing awareness of online privacy is one of the main reasons people are scrambling to stay safe online. Given the fact that Tor now seems rather unreliable, it is best to select one of the top alternatives to Tor to browse anonymously.

Let’s start with the Tor blast!

Overview of Tor Browser

Tor is the influential anonymous browser and it has many alternatives which are used by over 2 million people worldwide. A report stated that 14% of people for this site belong to the United States, while website users from internet censoring countries formed the second-largest user demographic.

The Tor browser achieves browser anonymity by steadily passing encrypted website traffic through its network. This network uses nodes that can only interpret the immediately preceding and following nodes in the relay system. And you can make it impossible to uncover both the origin and a message destination. However, Tor has previously been used to promote illegal and harmful behavioral activities. And it slows down the browser performance, producing blemished search engine results.

How Does Tor Work? The Supportive Browser

Tor uses virtual channels to bounce the track of the internet users in a randomized order. So instead of using a direct connection, once you do something on the web, the connection path does not go through the nodes in no specific order. Therefore, this will protect your privacy from other people, and it’s a dream come true thing that you can do anything within the privacy boundary without complications.

Top 12 Tor Browser Alternatives to Use in 2023

Tor Browser Alternatives

The Tor browser has many substitutes which are used to run the scariest search engine privately without compromising the user’s online security and privacy. But you know, finding the best tor browser alternative is a bothering condition for users. Therefore, if you don’t have more time looking for alternatives, follow the section below to discuss the insight of the deep and dark web alternative tor browsers.

1) I2P Browser

If Tor is not working for you, use the I2P – This is a wonderful alternative to Tor, and the network within a network offers four layers of encryption that will make you as anonymous as you want to be while sending a message across the web.

Furthermore, it uses end-to-end encryption and cryptographic identifiers as the endpoints. It will also prevent you from a 3rd party tracker, which is generally faster than Tor, which means you can enjoy the internet to the fullest. It is also optimized for secret service and safe to stay, giving you the anonymity, you have been dreaming about.

2) Epic Browser – The Tor Alternatives

Epic is the most secure browser for anonymous internet browsing, which relies on extreme privacy enforcement of the chromium framework. In addition, all the security measures in the epic browser are turned on by default, and users can’t turn off such protections. In this way, the Epic Browser is able to offer the most secure browsing experience possible without relying on a user to decide which protections to accept or do without.

The extensive privacy feature of the epic browser is also instigated well on comprehensive ad blocking, zero user tracking, removal address bar, pre suggestions, and more. Additionally, the epic browser also deletes all the user data at the end, including cookies and browsing history. In contrast, the user’s IP address is protected because they do not leak it through web RTC calls.

3) Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is the alternative to the Tor browser developed by two former Opera browser executives. It allows users for customizability through a range of extensions and add-ons. Sometimes, this affects the appearance and performance, combining information privacy with a better user experience.

The Vivaldi users use separate search engines for regular and private browsing, as well as automatically cleaning browser history at set time intervals. The browser supports most Chrome extensions, but all data syncing between devices is encrypted. Although Vivaldi offers private browsing, it lacks an iOS version due to being a new product. This effectively excludes a large number of private browsing enthusiasts and limits the browser’s potential market.

4) FreeNet Browser

FreeNet is a censorship-resistant communication and publishing platform that exists on a decentralized network. The design of the FreeNet allows the user of freedom of speech, which supports darknet and open net technologies.

The OpenNet users can connect with those users with whom they have already exchanged public keys in the past. Although, it is allowed users to use both modes together.

5) Brave Browser – The Tor Alternatives

This browser is the safest and most private alternative Tor web browser which is relatively new in the market. It’s popular in the alternatives of the Tor market because of its incredible features. And this feature has managed to attract users. The browser has an automatic HTTPS and script blocker that prevent ISP and other trackers from gathering data about your online activities. It provides partial encryption to the users; using HTTPS encryption may stop anyone from knowing what you are doing on the web.

Furthermore, a brave shield that blocks the ads, cookies, and trackers is one of the best features of the brave browser. But if you are using this web, you have to enable it by configuring the settings. So, download the browser for all the operating systems and start browsing anonymously.

6) Yandex Browser


This is another browser of Tor alternatives that is entirely different and does not allow you to manually set up a proxy or other things. It exists on Windows, Mac, & Linux PCs. You can take it as a full-feather web browser based on an open-source of the chromium tor project. Yandex Browser is also secure because of its extensions like an ad blocker, flash blocker, site reputation indicator, and many others. Whenever you download a file from Yandex Browser, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is used to scan it.

7) Tails Browser

When it comes to anonymity and privacy, Tails offers the best solution. You can use encryption with this live operating system to protect your instant messages, emails, and even your files. Furthermore, it offers you the ability to browse the web without being censored. In addition, Tails is extremely simple to use, and you can start browsing the Internet through a USB stick or a DVD. By accessing it, you can also take advantage of built-in apps that will enhance your overall web browsing experience.

8) Tox Browser – The Tor Alternatives

Tox is a wonderful browser used for instant messaging and private conversation, earning it a spot on our list. This protocol uses end-to-end encryption that allows you to securely chat with your friends without fearing someone reading your message. Additionally, it also provides you with a way to have secure video and conference calls. This is one of the best Tor alternatives; that’s why it’s on the list of browsers.

9) PeerBlock

PeerBlock is the best alternative Tor browser that is used anonymously for surfing web browsing. You can anonymously hide your IP address and block all malicious IP addresses that can track and monitor your online activity. This is pretty helpful while downloading the torrents. However, PeerBlock has some significant drawbacks. For example, it does not encrypt data traffic. And you will not remain completely anonymous, as you would with a Tor browser. Other prying eyes or your ISP may be able to identify you and learn about your online activities.

10) Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS

Subgraph is the best alternative to the Tor browser with similar applications to Tor. This subgraph enjoys the support of an elaborate developer community, and the browser integrates with more software than Tor. Additionally, the subgraph topology delivers obligatory user anonymity because all security and encryption features are built into the core software. In addition, Subgraph OS provides better browsing anonymity and data protection because it is based on an operating system, a more impregnable solution than antiviruses, secure web browsers, and even VPNs.

11) Disconnect Browser

This browser disconnects the person from all other sites that track them. It does all this by following all those sites that track down users, making it another best Tor browser alternatives. It also asks you whether to block the sites or not.

Moreover, you can use this browser on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can search and explore deep web by using a disconnect browser. You can also browse the dark web content on this browser, but it’s not ideal for darknet.

12) Avast Secure Browser

It is another credible provider of antivirus programs, making a secure, anonymous browser that makes your browsing private. You can use this browser on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Despite the operating system, it also works quickly, allowing a seamless internet-browsing experience.

Moreover, you can use the Avast secure browser for online financial transactions with the secure bank mode feature. It also blocks malware sites and forces unsecured sites to use encryption while you access them.

No More Interruptions

The tor browser is a dream come true browser on the Internet that is used to make private connections with the user anonymity. But sometimes, the Tor browser starts to build some issues or glitches for making a connection. So here we have a solution for you in the form of substitutes for the tor browser. And the article includes a list of alternatives to the tor-browser that will be helpful for you. Let us know in the comment below if you ever use any alternative Tor browser & how it worked for you.