How Do Users in China Access Deep Web Links Through Tor?

How Do Users in China Access Deep Web Links Through Tor

Are you curious to know how to access deep web links through the Tor Browser? Let’s have a look at what the Tor project is first.

The Tor Project is a free network monitor by volunteers that covers users’ locations and usage from surveillance and traffic analysis. Initially, it offers online anonymity to everybody who would like to have it.

Tor users have the benefit of sending emails and messages, surfing websites, and publishing content online without letting anyone know who has posted it. As a result, it is considered widely as an essential and significant tool for freedom of expression.

Hence, it is undoubtedly annoying for authoritarian regimes that would like to rule and limit their citizens’ access to the outside world. The greatest and most powerful of these is China, and the government there built a firewall that won’t allow their citizens to access online to the outside world.

Therefore, it is not so surprising that the Great Firewall of China actively prevents access to the Tor network. So, there is a question that comes to your mind: how does it work, and how it might be circumvented?

Let’s dive into the details in this article!

What is the Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser, or the Onion Router, is a product of the Tor Project, which was launched on the idea that “internet users must have private access to an uncensored web.”

The Tor Browser directly links its traffic through the anonymous Tor network. Then, the browser separates each website you visit, so it stops trackers and ads from following you online. When the browser is shut down, it automatically deletes all privacy-sensitive data, such as browsing history and cookies.

The Tor browser offers you access to the “.onion” website, which is a Tor hidden service that you can use only through the Tor browser. You can use these websites without worrying about anybody inquiring on a Tor exit node, providing a more secure and private browser of what is called the deep web.

Furthermore, the Tor Browser is a well-known anonymity tool among political activists and journalists who scare totalitarian governments monitoring or arresting them. Other users cherish the browser as it permits them to circumvent censorship. Unluckily, those users to perform criminal acts also access it.

However, the Tor Browser does not contain any flaws, which will be discussed later. Hence, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can detect when you are accessing the Tor Browser, which will make you the target of increased surveillance by both the ISP and the government. Nevertheless, there is an easy way to access it, which will be revealed in a later section.

How Does the Tor Browser Work?

The Tor Browser is an updated version of the Mozilla Firefox browser and contains the TorButton, TorLauncher, NoScript, and HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extensions, with the Tor proxy. Additionally, you can run it through a removable media, such as a USB stick.

The Tor browser is easily accessible for Linux, macOS, and Windows desktop and laptop computers. Further, a Tor Browser from the Tor Project is available for Android. On the other hand, the Onion Browser from developer and journalist Mike Tigas is accessible on iOS mobile devices, which the Tor Project links.

Moreover, the browser possesses a unique security system, which the United States Navy originally built to secure the government’s intelligence communications. All Tor Browser data is encrypted and dependent three times over the Onion Router network. It is also made up of thousands of volunteer-run servers, which are called Tor relays.

This encryption and handover of your browsing data stops anyone who is trying to detect which websites you are going through. Anyone can view only that you are accessing the Tor Browser. You can also camouflage your Tor activity.

The Tor Browser is set up as all users look the same. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for users to be fingerprinted based on their browser and device information.

What is the Dark Web, and How Do You Connect it On Tor?

Similar to the deep web, in theory, the dark web will be a little bit tricky. It is more obfuscated and needs much more effort in order to access. It can include needing to insert a password before using a page that seems pretty normal. Furthermore, there is a requirement to access a certain browser to open these dark web pages. That browser is Tor.

How To Install the Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is very easy to install, and you can access deep web links. All you need to do is visit the Tor Project website, then tap on the “Download Tor Browser” button at the upper right-hand corner or the center of the web page.

On the “Download” page, install the right version of Tor Browser for your device by tapping on or selecting the button for your device’s operating system, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Remember that there is no official iOS version available.

After you have downloaded the correct version for your device. Do the following steps:


Navigate to the directory where you have stored the downloaded Tor Browser installation file. Begin the installer by double-tapping the file. Select your language and tap “OK.” now, follow the on-screen prompts for the installation. When the installation process is done, select “Finish.”


Open the Downloads folder on your Mac and double-tapping the file you just downloaded.  A window will pop up on your screen’s display. Now, drag the Tor Browser icon onto the Applications folder icon. As a result, the Tor Browser will install into your Applications folder, and you are ready to access deep web links.


Head to the directory where you downloaded the Tor Browser installation file. Right-tap on the downloaded file and click “Extract Here.” when the Tor Browser setup files are extracted, double-tap on “Tor Browser Setup” in order to install the browser. Thus, you are ready to use it.


Click on the “Download for Android” option. Then, you can download a .apk to sideload the app to your device. For sideloading, visit the Google Play Store click “Install.” when the app is installed, click “Open” to launch, and click “Connect” in order to start your Tor network.


Tor does not provide a Tor Browser for iOS devices, and it does suggest a browser for the platform. However, the Onion Browser is accessible in the App Store. In the App Store, select “GET” in order to download the browser. When you have done the installation, click on the “Open” option to work out the app. Select “Connect to Tor” to connect.

How to Use Tor Browser while Accessing Deep Web Links in China

Once you have downloaded and installed Tor Browser, you need to learn how to go through it. Here are some simple steps for a quick tour of Tor Browser:

  • Go to the Tor Browser on your PC.
  • Under the Connect to Tor screen that displays, you can either proceed and connect to Tor by tapping Connect or take the time to fix your connection by selecting the Configure connection option. Go to choose Connect.
  • It takes a few minutes to connect, but once you are connected to the Tor Browser, you will be represented with a screen that features a DuckDuckGo search engine search bar visually. You can access this search bar or the one at the top of your Tor Browser window in order to perform a more private web search. Now, go to the address bar at the top of your screen, type your search terms, and click on the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Additionally, you can also choose the “Right Arror” icon in the address bar. You must be represented with a DuckDuckGo search results page.
  • If you are familiar with Firefox, then you can easily access the Tor Browser. It is the same as Firefox:
Choose the “Star” icon to bookmark a webpage.
Use the address bar at the top of the window to do web searches and type in web or onion addresses for specific websites.
Click the “Plus” sign icon in order to open new tabs.
The “Three horizontal lines” menu icon will appear on your screen along with many features, such as New Identity and New Tor circuit for this site.
  • Some sites are onion service, which means they can only be accessed through the Tor network. To access these onion service websites, you need to type in their onion address in the address bar at the top of the Tor Browser’s window. This address usually contains 56 characters and ends with a “.onion.” some regular websites also provide an onion service version of their site. Tor will display a purple “.onion available” icon in the address bar. Now, you can choose this to use the onion service version of a website.
  • Two icons will show at the top right corner of the Tor Browser, existing between the menu icon and the Star bookmark icon: a shield icon and a broom icon. If you click on the “Shield” icon, you can select the security level of your browsing experience. On the other hand, the “Broom” icon shows the “New Identity” feature that allows users to begin an entirely new session and wipes all spots of the old/current session by shutting down all windows and tabs and removing all private info like browsing history. Tor Browser restarts, then.
  • If you choose the “Three horizontal lines” menu icon, a drop-down menu will display on your screen. In the menu bar, alongside New Identity, you can also choose New Tor circuit for this site. A circuit is the pathway it takes to connect a user to a website via Tor. If you are having any issues while connecting to a website, you can restart the tab and load the website with a new circuit to build a successful connection. You can do this by clicking the New Tor circuit for this site button. Your personal info can not be deleted with this feature.

6 Tips on How to Use the Tor Browser Safely in China

tips to use tor in china

There is not any app that would protect you from every threat out there. You must be aware of the best security practices on your own. Here is the list of things you must know while accessing the Tor Browser and using deep web links:

1.   Set Up Your Security Level

The Tor Browser is brought up with three layers of security. The settings are used by tapping the shield button beside the address bar and clicking on “Advanced Security Settings.”

There is no difference from operating any other browser in Standard. Safer disables JavaScript on insecure websites, prevents some math symbols and fonts, and stops most audio and video from playing by default. This will mingle with the functionality of some sites. Furthermore, Safest cranks up to 11, and only very essential websites work unimpeded. For instance, Wikipedia users can not spot any difference; Buzzfeed is usable, on the other hand Imgur isn’t.

2. Check the Other Security Settings

The Tor Browser accesses permanent private browsing mode by the default mode. It means that history and website cookies get removed every time you shut down the Tor Browser. Once you start up, it is like accessing a new browser. If you do not like this sort of thing, you can lose the rules in the settings section.

3. Change Your Browsing Habits

Would you like to tell us what Google tracks you? Tor does not secure you if you use search engines that track your activity.

Therefore, there is no point in accessing the Tor Browser if you are going to give away your data again. You must access search engines that cannot track you, such as DuckDuckGo or Surfshark’s Clean Web service.

4. Try New Circuits and Identities

Tor covers your real IP and turns your location private. The pile of nodes in the Tor Browser access to connect you to your online destination is called “a circuit.” if the website is running slowly or you want a new IP, select the shadowed window beside the website address. You can request here a new circuit, and this will also reload the website.

Furthermore, a more powerful version of this is “new identity.” hence, it will close all windows and tabs and restart the Tor Browser itself. For instance, if you are using a private browser, it will be like beginning a new browser along with a fresh new IP.

5. Use Tor Over a VPN

We have come up with three main reasons why you would like to access a VPN together with the Tor browser:

  1. VPN encryption hides the activity of your browser, such as accessing the Tor Browser using deep web links; some ISPs and government are suspicious of it.
  2. A VPN camouflages your IP address if the entry node is compromised.
  3. The Tor Project will not suggest you use advertisement-blocking extensions on the grounds of privacy, but on the other hand, Surfshark VPN prevents many of the ads at the source.

Therefore, you are accessing the Tor Browser because you would like to be private online, and accessing a VPN will substitute for some of Tor’s weaknesses.

However, Surfshark won’t allow to use of a VPN in any way that would violate and be against the Terms of Service of other service providers.

6. Ensure your Security Measures are Up to Date

If you are accessing the Tor Browser while using deep web sites, you should make sure that you are as secure as possible. Therefore, you must always update your device’s OS and work like a firewall and a reliable antivirus system.

Is the Tor Browser Secure?

The Tor Browser and the Onion Network are amazing ways to secure your online privacy and anonymity. It is not a perfect solution and contains some flaws and weaknesses.

However, each node server in the Tor network is volunteer-operated, and you are never aware of who monitors the relays that your data is visiting through. While this is not an issue for most of the trip )since each relay has used the previous and next relays in the network), it is an issue with the exit node.

The exit node eliminates the final layer of encryption on your data. On the other hand, it does not tell the exit node what your original IP address or geographical location is. Furthermore, it can not spy on your activity if the website you are going is not a secure HTTPS website.

Additionally, since the Tor Browser is dependent on the Mozilla Firefox platform, it is susceptible to the same attacks that other browsers are.

Once you install the Tor Browser, it is preconfigured with the most protective privacy settings. It means that Javascript is turned off, the extension is disabled, and the browser is configured to warn you if an attempt is made to download a file and open it in another application.

Therefore, you should never change the default settings in the Tor Browser. Go for the original settings, as they are the most secure and protective way.

Is it Illegal to Use Tor?

The answer is No; it is not illegal to access Tor or the Tor Browser while using deep web links. Nevertheless, going to do any illegal activity is still illegal on Tor.

Tor is a well-known and famous website where people do part in shady activities, as well as whistleblowers and journalists. Hence, the government might be interested in their users. Such cases have been done in the past when the NSA viewed Tor users. This is why you mustn’t access Tor for any kind of illegal activities.

Caution: Safety Comes First When Accessing Dark Web Links in China

If you select to visit the dark web, you should take mandatory measures to secure your privacy and security. It will contain an anonymous web browser, such as Tor, and a VPN to encrypt your connection, an antivirus for security against malware, and typically, you must be careful not to reveal personal information.

Furthermore, you must explore law enforcement agencies that will be monitoring the dark web and visit specific websites or those who engage in illegal activities that result in criminal charges.

10 Best Onion Sites Available on the Dark Web

Here are the top 10 deep web links that you must visit while accessing the Tor Browser in China:

  • DuckDuckGo: The greatest search engine on the dark web that does not access trackers and gathers your personal data.
  • The Hidden Wiki: It is the latest version of Wikipedia with the greatest directory of onion links in order to assist you in navigating the dark web.
  • Daniel: It includes a wide range of deep web links that are categorically divided in order to make it easily accessible to the deep web.
  • ProPublica: It is an investigative journalism platform that posts provoking junk on a wide range of topics from finance, politics, etc.
  • Sci-Hub: It permits you to use a bulk of scientific papers by researchers and experts in multiple fields.
  • Hidden Answers: This is a dark web platform where you can ask any queries you would like without getting censored.
  • SearX: It is a search engine in the deep web that allows you to explore new, incredibly detailed queries.
  • Facebook: This is a similar version of Facebook on the dark web built to assist people in repressive regimes accessing it.
  • SecureDrop: It is created to share information with journalists protectively and anonymously.
  • BBC Tor Mirror: It is a special BBC .onion site to provides access to its content in different countries along with heavy online censorship.


We have learned a detailed overview of Tor Browser in this article. We have found that the Tor Browser is an amazing pathway to keep your internet browser-based online activities. Further, we have viewed how accessing the Tor Browser can bring unwanted attention. Fortunately, a VPN can help in this regard.

We have overviewed how Tor enables users to use the dark web or deep web links and are now aware of the resources and dangers that await us there.

Hopefully, you have enough information about what Tor is, how it works, and how to use it finely. Also, it allows you to make an informed choice on its proper access and how to protect yourself online once you access it.